Students prepare for end of third quarter

Chloe Jackson, Staff Writer

As third quarter quickly closes, MV students are taking stock the year thus far.

“This year has been going by fast. It feels like we’ve been in school for like a month,” Andrew Campbell, ‘19, remarked.

Third quarter coming to an end brings the last and final quarter.

To seniors it is bittersweet.

“I feel great [about fourth quarter] because I will graduate soon and all of my hard work will finally pay off,” Hunter Mann ,‘19, exclaimed.

 Teachers too are excited for the end of the third quarter.

“I am excited for the seniors.  I am also excited for my daughter, Macey.  She will be graduating from Rome School with a 4.0 and will be coming here to MVTHS,” Ms. Christy Prosise, study hall,  stated.

While students may not be making many adjustments to their classes, some teachers are moving around.

“I will be looking forward to being back in the Driver Ed room,” Ms. Prosise said.

Fourth quarter can be very stressful for students who are studying for the SAT or preparing for college.

“Fourth quarter is the most stressful quarter for me because I’m busy working on scholarships and gathering transcripts,” McKenzie Jones, ‘20, stated.

While fourth quarter can be stressful for many students, specifically upperclassman, one find it to be the opposite.

“The hardest quarter is first quarter because you’re coming into a new grade. Fourth is the easiest because you can just slow down,” Campbell, ‘19, explained.

“I believe that the easiest quarter has been the first quarter. Then the hardest is the last quarter with all the challenges i’ve had to overcome,” Mann, ‘19, said.

While it may present challenges, fourth quarter can be a time to reflect.

“I most look forward to seeing how all my time and effort has been put into my success,” Mann, ‘19, stated.

“[Fourth quarter] is less stressful because I feel like the worst part of the year is already over and now I can focus on enjoying my final quarter in high school,” Campbell added.