Student Council members attend LEAD Conference


Althea Stachyra, Managing Editor/Student Life Editor

Several MV Student Council members attended the LEAD conference in Chicago, Illinois from March 22 to March 24.

“We attended workshops on how to expand our leadership and ways to make an impact on our school,” said Jon Wilson, Student Body President.

“I attended several different workshops, such as ‘Use Your Inside Voices,’ [lead] by Shaun Derik,” said Gabbie Halbach, 22. “[It was about] how to stand up for yourself and others for what they believe in.”

Other workshops that Student Council members attended included ‘Games for Groups,’ which focused on team building, ‘Mindfulness Strategies for Students,’ and ‘Changing the Definition of School Spirit.’

“I took away that school spirit isn’t just about who goes to the most activities,” said Emma Accomando, ‘22. “It’s about making people want to come to school and them not feeling like they have to.”

Wilson added that the keynote speakers were a highlight for him, as they had powerful messages.

“The highlight of LEAD for me was meeting so many new people from all different states and countries,” said Accomando.

Members had the chance to meet and build friendships with new people, and learn how trust in friendships, and in the council, is important.

“[I learned] leadership, friendship, and teamwork will help you through any life obstacle,” said Halbach.

Attendees were able to take away several different concepts that will improve Student Council and MV.

“We as a council can become more outgoing and start trying to reach out to others around us to make an even bigger change,” stated Accomando.

“I hope that next year more people within our council will attend. It is so empowering and the more people that attend, the better we can make an impact,” added Accomando.