King City Books provides students with free volumes

Chloe Jackson, Staff Writer

If you love picking up a new book or two, in partnership with King City Books, MV is offering students just such an opportunity.

King City Books is offering free books to students willing to participate in the Teen Advisory Board.

The process in which one may obtain these free books can be done before, during, or after school.

“Students pick [applications] up and get them signed by parents/guardians, along with their information,” Ms. Raquel Maxey, Communication Arts, shared.

After both student and guardian sign the application form regarding photo permission and  release and waiver, the student may come to Ms. Maxey’s room at C208 and choose from a selection of unpublished books.

“They come into my room and get to choose any book [from a selection] from King City Books for free,” Ms. Maxey stated.

Having the option to choose from several books that have not yet been released is an exciting opportunity.

“These [books] are advanced copies that haven’t been published yet, and many are signed by authors,” Ms. Maxey continued.


All that is required of students is that they read and review the book of their choice.

“Publishers are allowing this because they want student feedback on their books before they go to print,” Ms. Maxey stated.

Once a student completes a reading and review their book, they may make the choice to

keep the book or return it to Ms. Maxey for another student’s use.

“Students keep the books (or return them if they don’t want to keep them), then fill out a

review of the book and then pick out their next book for free,” Ms. Maxey explained.