Seniors anxiously await graduation day


Photo by Grant Smith

Seniors, while wearing their senior shirts that were modeled after “Thrasher Skateboarding Magazine” attend their final pep rally as a class. During the spirit banner competition, the seniors fell to the juniors and then promptly exited Changnon Gym.

Kaylee Lemons, Sports Editor

Caps, gowns, tassels, and diplomas are all in the near future of MV’s seniors. The class of 2019 graduation has been set for May 18. As the big day approaches, the soon-to-be graduates are filled with mixed emotions and views about what the important milestone that is high school graduation will bring. 

“When thinking about graduation I am overwhelmed with happiness and sadness. I am so thankful for these past four years with my class, so leaving them and the school in its entirety will be bittersweet,” said Gatlin Miller, ‘19.  

“When graduation is mentioned, I tend to forget how close it is. These last four years have gone by so quickly,” said Ryan Hill, ‘19. 

“Thinking about graduation is very exciting for me, but it’s also upsetting. I’m ready to move on but I’ll be sad to leave behind so many people that have made me into who I am here at MVTHS,” said Derek Hill, ‘19. 

Many seniors are nostalgic, and find themselves reminiscing on their years at MV, thinking about what they will be leaving behind come graduation day.  

“I will definitely miss my classmates the most. The class of 2019 is special,” said Ryan Hill. 

“With so much to mention and talk about from teachers, to football games, to the dances, spirit weeks, and so much more. I would say [I will miss] friends the most,” said Nick Malone, ‘19.

“I’ll miss so much about MV. The many bonds created with spectacular staff and faculty members, the pep rallies where each class comes together, all of the meetings and conferences through my extracurricular activities, all of it,” said Miller. 

“I’m going to miss all the amazing people and fun times I had,” said Jason Barciszeski, ‘19.

“I will mostly miss all of my teachers and the underclassmen that I’m leaving behind. I’ll

also miss all of the organizations I’m involved in,” said Derek Hill. 

The soon-to-be graduates are filled with the excitement, pressure, and nervousness of

entering adulthood. MV’s seniors are excited about their accomplishment of becoming high school graduates and heading into what the future has in store for them.  

“I’m very excited to move on to the next chapter in my life. I’m a little nervous, but I’m ready for it,” said Ryan Hill. 

“I am excited to graduate to start the new chapter of my life and see where the road takes me,” said Malone. 

“I’m scared of the future, and I think that’s okay, but I’m also very excited to see where life goes for me,” said Blaine Litton, ‘19. 

“I am very happy because this is a new beginning; an opportunity for us to follow our dreams and accomplish them. The Class of 2019 is filled with the most hardworking, driven people I know, so I am excited to see what we accomplish in the coming years,” said Miller. 

Seniors offer advice for underclassmen to consider as they follow in their footsteps and complete the rest of their high school years at MV.  

“I would love to add for any young person reading this right now: enjoy the moments you have left! Live, love, and laugh! Take those pictures, record those good times, because with high school you’re only there four years then some people you’ll never see again! Love and spread love!” exclaimed Malone. 

“A good tip for highschool students is don’t cheat your way through school and do your work because you don’t wanna play catch up at the end,” advised James Ware, ‘19.

“Don’t wish your high school years away. Make the most out of your time in high school. Make as many friends as you can and cherish the memories that are made,” said Ryan Hill. 

“To all the kids – don’t give up,” sid Noah Hanson, ‘19. 

As the seniors say goodbye to their high school days, they will take on a new chapter in the book of life. But no matter what the future holds, they will always have the memories made at MV. 

“I’m thankful for the opportunities MVTHS has given me these past four years and I wish the best for everyone as I leave,” said Derek Hill. 

“It’s been an honor to be apart of the Class of 2019. I love you guys,” said Barciszeski.

Once a Ram, always a Ram.