Cariens shares advice for incoming school year


Chase Cariens, Managing Editor

School has arrived faster than most people would like, so students are most likely stressing out over many trivial things such as making friends, not getting homework done on time, and getting lost in the hallways. I have experienced the same amount of stress these students are facing, but I have learned ways to lessen the weight of the impending school year through many tricks. Students tend to stress about everything, and with good reason, but there are also very simple ways to reduce this feeling of unease throughout the day.

One of these tricks is scheduling out your activities. I have started using my phone calendar more and more as my responsibilities increase, and I think it would be a good idea to start scheduling early on in the school year. If students schedule out when their homework is due, it will help them remember to do it earlier and hopefully will help with procrastination on projects and difficult assignments. Scheduling out extracurricular activities and important life events will help students figure out a system where they can plan out when to do homework, projects, and important assignments.

The next tip I have is small, but will help people have small amounts of fun in between classes. If a student and their friend have two classes right next to each other, they should walk together to their next class. Repeat this action in between classes and it will serve as short periods of relaxation and will allow friends to talk outside of class.

Another tip I have is to ask teachers for help. Students should ask their teachers questions when they are confused about assignments they don’t understand. Teachers are here to teach, so they will be happy to help you with any questions you have. If you need a little push the teacher will be there to guide you, so don’t be afraid to ask if you need any help within the classroom. I asked teachers more questions last year than ever, and it helped me tremendously with figuring out what I wanted to pursue in life and who I wanted to become.

My final tip is one of the most important ones. Whenever a student is able to, they should pick an event at the end of the week to look forward to. It can be as generic as looking forward to the weekend or as unique as a competitive badminton tournament. Students should pick an exciting event that is happening within seven days in order to make time go by more rapidly in school and increase motivation. I have done this my whole life, and it has made school go by faster, at least until the last few hours. I usually look forward to going to church on Sunday and getting to see my dogs whenever I get home, and that has always made school seem to go by much faster.

I hope these tips help any student who needs them, for I know they have helped me greatly. I have a feeling this school year will be a great one indeed, and I look forward to seeing what is coming in the future.