Bequette sees “biggest inconvenience” as best opportunity


Emma Bequette, Staff

Growing up, I experienced countless situations that I thought would never teach me a lesson or help me out in the future. Instead of looking at it in that aspect, I realized whether a situation has taught me something or not, I should be thankful it happened. It is a part of my past, and it is who I am today. 

That being said, these occurrences took place all throughout my life and still do even to this day. One of the biggest lessons, however, I learned from my parents as a child. 

Their relationship taught me to truly cherish love and the relationships and people I have in my life. It taught me to never take healthy relationships for granted, especially when it comes to my friends or family. Although, like many others, my parents’ relationship wasn’t working out the way they had planned it to, and it caused a lot of issues for my family. Eventually, the problems they were having got worse, and they decided it was best for them to go their separate ways.

My mom made the decision that it was best for us to move out of our current house, away from my dad, and that is exactly what my mom, siblings, and I did.

As the years passed, there were countless times when my siblings and I had to relocate to a different city and start over. We moved all of our belongings into new homes, registered for schools we had never been to before, and made a new set of friends, once again. This was a very hard time for all of us, and the last thing we wanted to be doing.

Before I started 2nd grade,  my mom decided it was time for us to move once again. We eventually relocated to Mt. Vernon, IL, where we currently live now. Mt. Vernon was the only place that actually felt like home again. Since I’ve moved here, I have made many new friends, some I consider family, and have overall grown so much as a person. 

My mom, siblings, and I have all loved living in Mt. Vernon and couldn’t even imagine living anywhere else. I never thought I would be happy somewhere other than Fairview Heights, where we had moved from when we lived with my dad. 

While the divorce took place, I was very confused as to why my family and I had to be the ones to go through all of the stress, arguments, and separation. I felt as if nobody would understand what I was going through at the time, but I later realized that was not the case at all. 

I used to see no good in the situation at all, and considered it more of a burden than something to learn from. Looking back, though, I am very grateful I had the opportunity to witness a relationship that didn’t work out “perfectly.” 

It showed me that not every single relationship or friendship one develops in life is meant to last forever. However, they all affect us somehow; for example, without my dad, my mom wouldn’t have my siblings and I, whom she always refers to as her “biggest blessings.” Some people are placed into our life only to come and go, just to be a lesson we learn and grow from. That is how life is, and that is okay. 

Something I used to refer to as my “biggest inconvenience” is what changed my entire life and perspective in the best way possible. I now know how to truly value the good relationships and people I have in my life, and most importantly, how to learn and grow from every single situation given to me, no matter how big or small it is.