Coach Sara Crews returns to guide Lady Rams volleyball program


Justice Malone and Leigha Moore

As a coach coming into a losing program, shifting the culture and making the team’s name respectful is one huge, but main goal.

Head Coach Sara Crews coached the MV women’s volleyball team for two years in 2004 and 2005. Due to last year’s COVID conflicts, the MV women’s volleyball team was in need of a new coach. Coach Crews was a perfect fit for returning to the position.

“[Coming into the program] my goal was to turn the program around and make it a lot more competitive than it has been in years past. I don’t want people to walk into Changnon knowing they are going to have a win. I want them to come in knowing that [MV Women’s Volleyball athletes] are going to have to work hard,” Coach Crews stated.

Many athletic organizations are having to face the struggle of their athletes being quarantined. Coach Crews states this is one of the biggest problems the MV women’s volleyball team faces.

Coach Crews emphasized how difficult it has been for the team to adapt the effects of injuries and quarantines. Players are learning to play positions that weren’t originally planned.

Along with these conflicts, many positive things have been surfacing. Crews added how younger players are benefitting from the ability to get experience playing at the higher level. This will be beneficial for the future of the program and them as well, according to the coach.

The Lady Rams have a current record of 4-10. Despite the record, the Lady Rams have been able to give other teams a run for their money.

“I think we are not quite over the hump yet, but we are definitely surprising teams this year,” expressed Coach Crews.

That weekend, the Lady Rams finished in second place in their pool.

Coach Crews conveyed how happy she was with the team’s performance and how she feels as if they are on the right track. If the team proceeds to become healthy, she’s confident they will be able to surprise various teams.

Coach Crews stated how much of a pleasure it has been for her to come out of retirement to coach the MV women’s volleyball team.

“I get a lot of joy out of watching the girls develop as players and people. I am a firm believer that team sports play a vital role in developing young people and I am grateful to be a part of that process at MVTHS,” Coach Crews added.