Stick Fight provides challenge, outlet for stress

Difficulty depends on each group of players


Skyler Masters, Staff

One of my favorite video games I tend to play the most is called Stick Fight.

My view on this game is that it is somewhat challenging, but is fun to play.

What makes this game challenging can vary because the difficulty depends on each of the players who you play against.

It is a strategy game where you fight against opponents but without the gore. It has really good ragdoll physics. The game also helps with problem solving and using my cognitive abilities.

Others can get involved with this game very easily if they have a computer or laptop. The game can be downloaded through Steam, a popular
app that people and kids like myself use. The game allows 3 slots for 3 players to play at a time.

What playing games does for students like me is help with stress and anxiety.

It helps with social skills depending on the games played. And, very importantly, it can help students to calm down and relax