Dr. Dre and company deliver a stunning Halftime performance at the 2022 Super Bowl

A star studded lineup consisting of Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar did not disappoint at the Super Bowl held in L.A.


Roman Harrison, Editorial Staff

Performing the halftime show at the Super Bowl is one of the greatest honors bestowed in music. That being said, there have been some spectacular performances, such as Prince’s epic 2007 production as well as Bruce Springsteen in 2009 and Tom Petty in 2008, but this year’s show may have trumped them all. 

For 2022, the halftime show featured a highly-anticipated lineup of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, as well as a surprise performance from 50 Cent, and they did everything but disappoint. Performing in the brand-new Sofi stadium provided the artists with the opportunity to treat their performance more like a music video and less like a concert, due to the 360° screens surrounding the stadium highlighted by the 70 thousand square foot scoreboard. The stage was unique, set up like a row of houses with each artist performing atop their respective house. The artists seemed relaxed as if performing on one of the biggest stages in the world was just another gig. 

The show opened with Dr. Dre standing behind a soundboard mixing the beat for “The Next Episode,” his hit tune with Snoop Dogg off of his acclaimed return album 2001 also known as The Chronic 2001. After the beat went on for a bit Snoop burst in with his legendary opening verse. As that song ends it immediately ran into one of the most powerful moments of the performance, Dre and Snoop honoring their close friend Tupac Shakur with a spectacular rendition of “California Love,” one of Shakur’s most beloved songs. “California Love,” then transitioned nicely into a surprise appearance by 50 Cent performing his 2003 Billboard number one song, “In Da Club.” Although 50’s performance was a pleasant surprise, many fans have since voiced their dissatisfaction on social media in terms of the lack of a larger tribute to Tupac. Many were excited when it was rumored that a hologram of Shakur would make an appearance but was very disappointed when the rumor did not come to fruition. 

Following 50 Cent’s performance was a set by Mary J. Blige in which she delivered two songs, “Family Affair,” and “No More Drama.” In terms of the whole show this was by far the low point, although had it been delivered in another halftime show with different company it would have stood out. After Blige’s performance the camera panned over to boxes labeled “Dre Day,” a nod to Dr. Dre’s hit single of the same name that featured Snoop Dogg and RBX. Then men dressed on black with green sashes stood up out of the boxes and in the middle of them was Kendrick Lamar. His portion of the show opened with the intro of “M.a.a.D. City” but he did not perform the song in its entirety because he fed “M.a.a.D. City,” into his hit song “Alright” which was indeed performed in its entirety. Kendrick Lamar has been viewed as one of the best rappers after being discovered by Dr. Dre. Kendrick ended his set by fading his song with some lyrics from “Forgot About Dre,” which led Eminem to pick up the chorus, who then performed his most beloved song “Lose Yourself,” off of the movie soundtrack for 8 Mile, to a great reaction from the audience. 

After “Lose Yourself” ended there was a short period of silence as Dr. Dre got up from his mixing board and sat down at a piano. It was at this moment that those well versed in Dr. Dre knew exactly what was going to happen. He played a short intro and then began the simple intro to one of Dre’s most beloved songs, “Still Dre,” a song performed with Snoop Dogg. A powerful moment then occurred when all the performers stood at center stage together for the last verse of the performance. 

The 2022 Super Bowl Halftime show was certainly one to remember. Every aspect was great, any complaints I might have are very nitpicky, such as the lack of a further tribute to Tupac. The show will indeed go down as one of the best, alongside the likes of Prince, Tom Petty, and U2. The performers appeared so relaxed and delivered their songs with such conviction that it appeared to be just a regular performance, which may have been the reason for it being so great. Either way, it was one of the best and will always be recognized as such.