Students and Staff look forward to Spring Break

MV staff and students share thoughts on unusually late break


Jacque Wilson

Upon dismissal on Friday, April 8, MV will officially be on Spring Break for the 2021-22 school year.  School will resume on Tuesday, April 19.

Since break usually coincides with Easter Sunday, break is fairly late in the year.

“I like that it is later this year.  It is hard to keep going now, but I know when we come back after break and only have a few more weeks, especially seniors, we will realize the wait was worth it,” stated Emily Hayes, ‘22.

Rayleigh Overbey, ‘22, agreed that a later break is a good thing.

Overbey shared, “I love that spring break is later.  Most schools who had theirs earlier experienced cold weather and some even snow.  I think with ours being more towards the end it will hopefully be warmer and more enjoyable to be outside.”

Regardless of whether one agrees with the time of break or not, most students are ready for a pause in the school year.

“We haven’t had to go to school full time and made it this far in two years, and that is catching up to me.  As a junior, this is a stressful year anyways, but the fact that this is my first year of high school attending full time, a break is needed more than usual,” stated Kenna Leathers, ‘23.

Many students have plans for spring break.

“I plan on going to Florida with my mom and a few friends.  I am very excited and April 9th can’t get here soon enough!” shared Ali Benson, ‘23.

You don’t have to have elaborate plans for the break.   Sometimes just not being at school is enough.

“I’m just going to stay here and hang out with my friends,” declared Logan Fowler, ‘22.

Spring cleaning is another tradition for some during Spring Break.

“I love spring cleaning.  I’ll deep clean my house for sure,” stated Overbey.

Many students have great memories of break.

I know that personally, I used to spend spring break with my brothers and cousins at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Students aren’t the only ones ready for a break.  Many teachers are looking forward to the week off of school.

“I am so ready for Spring Break.  After a long, dark, and cold winter I am ready for a week of sunshine and warm temps.  We are heading to Alabama for part of the week to see family and relax!” shared Mrs. Kelly Creel.

It should be a great week, and those at MV just have to persevere the next couple of weeks to get there.