Keys to MV Success

Bendersky shares his most valuble MV tips


Ryan Bendersky, Editor In-Chief

Life at MV flies by at breakneck speed. It feels like just yesterday, I was a new freshman and everything felt so overwhelming. Now that past feeling seems ridiculous to me as MV has turned into a second home of mine. I’ve become so comfortable in this environment where I can explore my interests and be myself around friends, but others may have trouble finding this comfort in the high school environment. As a senior, I feel my experiences can give direction to those who are still yet to find their way at MV. 

Here are my 3 main tips for mastering the MV experience:

1. Get Involved

I can not stress enough how important your involvement is in high school. Personally, these school organizations are what made this place more lively to me, as students can freely express their interests with others who relate. The great thing about MV is the large selection of extracurriculars, ranging from FBLA to HOSA, Student Council to Drama Club, and even a competitive robotics team. MV also has many sports to choose from and compete in. I truly believe that MV has something for everyone to participate in; one must simply try… maybe they’ll find a spark of interest. Fair warning: with interest and involvement comes a loss of time to student home life, which can result in tarnishing one’s mental health. 

2. A Healthy Balance

Regardless of the events in one’s life, students must find a balance suited for themselves so they can keep their mental health in check as that is just as important as any other aspect of a high school student’s life. From my experience, this is as simple as setting aside time to relax and get done with school work, but this method differs from person to person so make sure to reach out for advice if needed. Now, in truly mastering the MV experience, one must understand the importance of making good relations with staff.

3. Relations

Instead of sitting quietly in each class and keeping to themselves, students should try taking the time to get to know their teachers and counselors here at MV. Our great staff members’ job is to help students become strong individuals and to prepare them for life after high school. With this in mind, a student’s success will inevitably come from keeping good relations with these people that can help their future. Personally, I try to keep good relations with any staff member I come in contact with by staying in touch with emails and asking any questions I have about related topics. Trust me, mastering this skill will make life here at MV much easier.

High school life can be really stressful and scary to many, but with the right choices, students can turn this place into a haven for personal interests and a successful future. MV should not be a school to dread, but a place to cherish as this building and all our staff are here for one product… us students. I hope this will reach those who need to hear this column. Take care, MV!