The First of Many Lasts

Wilson reflects on high school career and shares hopes for an eventful senior year.


Jacque Wilson, Managing Editor

On August 15, 2022, I began my final year of high school, and over the last three years, I have thoroughly enjoyed attending MV.  Being the youngest of three siblings, my brothers gave me high hopes for my high school career, and being a Mount Vernon Ram has not disappointed thus far.  

My freshman year was cut short due to the coronavirus or, “coronacation,” as we called it at the time.  Sophomore year was also heavily affected by COVID, since we were using the A Day and B day hybrid schedule.  Junior year was a lot more normal, but masks were mandated for the majority of the year.  I think that I, along with the rest of the Class of ‘23, are hoping for our concluding year of high school to be as normal as possible.  

Looking back at my high school experiences, there have been many highlights.  One of my favorite memories was sophomore year tennis.  Due to COVID, volleyball was moved from a fall sport to a spring sport.  My friends Ali Benson, Kadece Chamness, Grace Wilson, and I decided to play tennis to stay active during the unexpected off season.  It was a very spontaneous and enjoyable experience.  One of my fondest memories of the time was our first match.  I think we were all equally excited and nervous.  We all ended up winning our doubles matches.

As for Academics, I have worked really hard in high school.  So far, I have maintained my goal of all A’s while enrolling in challenging courses, and hope to continue that this year.  In my first two years of high school, I played basketball and volleyball.  One of my favorite memories from basketball was winning regionals my freshman year.  Volleyball was also a lot of fun as it brought me many friendships I still cherish.  Though I truly did enjoy those seasons, my junior year I quit both and took on golf.  This is one of the best decisions I think I could have made.  I have really enjoyed playing golf with my family and team.  I went into golf with little experience, so watching my skill grow has been very fun for me.  Last year I made the all South Seven Conference team, which I am proud of. So far during my senior season I have had the honor of not only getting third in the South 7 conference individually but being a scorer in the first ever women’s golf team at MV to win the conference title.  

As the school year advances, a lot of lasts will present themselves: last football game, last golf match, last basketball game, last pep rally, and so forth.  I hope to really make this year count and make the most of every “last” opportunity.  More than anything, I want to create a lot of fun memories with my friends that I will be able to look back on.  I will never again have the opportunities I do now, and the more I realize that the more important this year becomes.  I am equally excited and nervous to finish out high school.  I am ready to see what my future holds, but not ready to leave MV.  So even though the first of many lasts has already come and gone, I hope to cherish every last moment while I can.