2022 Homecoming: A Sunset Boulevard Fantasy


Alaina Maurer, Staff

On Saturday, October 8, Student Council will host the Homecoming dance for all the students of MV, the first full Homecoming dance since 2019.

The theme for the Homecoming dance is “A Sunset Boulevard Fantasy.” Student Council chose this theme at their summer workshop on August 3.

They will be decorating Changnon Gym on Friday, October 7, for the dance. Featured colors will be black, red, and gold and there will possibly be a red carpet. 

Student Council was denied having the bonfire usually staged the night before Homecoming Friday.

 Also, a Powder Puff game will be held on Tuesday, October 4, where several females in different grade levels will play flag football against each other.

The reason for Homecoming is to have fun with friends, dress up for the spirit days, go to the football game specifically for homecoming, and attend the first dance of the school year.

The candidates for homecoming court are King Tyler Kemp, Queen Justice Malone, King Charlie Houle, Queen Sydney LaLumondier, Queen Jacque Wilson, King Colin McClure, Queen Callie Prost, Queen Kaitlyn Blachly, King Fischer Davis, Queen Loveleen Dunklin, King Clifton Gammons, King Ryan Bendersky, Queen Katie Bach, King Gabe Luttinen, Queen Leigha Moore, Queen Kadence Chamness, and King Jude Erasmus. 

Who do students believe will win King and Queen? Peyton Julius- “Callie Prost and Colin McClure.” Reagan Schmidt- “Sydney LaLumondier and Fischer Davis.”

Student Council members and advisors told their side of the story about what their dislikes and likes are about Homecoming.

Co-advisor, Dr. VanZandt feels that this Homecoming week will be an excellent one, and the dance decor will be stunning. 

Student Council member Justice Malone quoted “I am very grateful for all the homecoming committees within Student Council that have been working to make this week the heat!” 

Are dances liked by the Student Council members? Julius said “I really enjoy the process of getting ready for the dance, as well as hanging out with my friends throughout the night.” Schmidt added “I love dancing with all my friends and laughing all night.”

Would the Student Council girl members like to wear short or long dresses? The Student Council guys, would they want to wear suits or a polo with jeans? Taylor said “I like to wear the suit. You get a chance to dress up and look professional.” 

Do students enjoy going to Cedarhurst to take Homecoming photos, or would they rather go somewhere else? If so, where would you go? Julius said “I really like taking pictures at Cedarhurst and the pictures always end up looking good!” Schmidt said “I do like going to Cedarhurst but sometimes it’s really crazy. It holds a lot of special memories for so many students.” Justice Malone said “I enjoy going to Cedarhurst. It’s a very common place and everyone goes there. The only item I hate is the parking. We always have to park a mile away.”

Is going with a date better than going with friends, or the other way around? 

Malone said “I enjoy going with a date. My boyfriend and I enjoy going by ourselves and just spending quality time together.” 

 Taylor said “I think going with a date is better because y’all get to dress up and show each other off.”