Behind The Scenes: The Vernois News

What’s Your Story?


Alistair Clodi, Social Media Manager

Vernois News is MV’s student-written newspaper and publishes stories about anything MV, community-related, or even pop culture and pro sports.

“For me, I enjoy talking about music and sports so that is what I write about,” stated Cam Meyer, ‘25, Vernois News Sports Editor.

At the end of every month, you can expect a new monthly issue of Vernois News.

“For the print version of Vernois News, the Editorial Staff creates and publishes a physical copy of the news on a scheduled basis,” commented Meyer.

Despite Vernois News’ schedule, Vernois News Online doesn’t follow a particular schedule.

“For the Vernois News Online, stories are released as soon as they are finished on a non-scheduled basis,” added Meyer.

Meyer also suggests that other MV students should join and write for Vernois News and Vernois News Online.

“If you enjoy talking about the things you enjoy, then this is a great way to express those feelings,” stated Meyer. “I want to major in Sports Broadcasting whenever I move on to college, and I thought this would give me some good experience,” added Meyer.