Students Ponder Gift Giving Strategies


Cady Ort and Harrison Shields

With the holiday season approaching, worries about gift giving are on the rise. MV students and teachers reveal their secrets to selecting the perfect gift.

A good place to start holiday shopping is narrowing down the type of gift to soon be given.

Mrs. Holly McKay, Math, said her go-to is “Presents they would not buy for themselves.”

On the other hand, another great type of gift might not be something that a person wants, but something that a person needs.

“I like to buy practical gifts that they will be able to use a lot,” said McKenzie Hughes, ‘25.

Once you have a more specific range of gifts, take the person themselves into account.

“If they talk about something alot like over the course of the year, then I will try and get something related to that. But if I can’t think of anything then I’ll just go for what I would want or think they would like.” described Izak Wisneski, ‘24.

These combined factors leave student with the simple task of buying the gift.

Wisneski continued by explaining the origin of most of his gifts, “Amazon and I also go to some stores and wander around till I find something good for them.”

While buying the gift might be fun, the interviewees feel that giving the gift is far greater.

“Being kind and giving someone something they will enjoy,” responded Aidan Weems, ‘24.

The satisfaction of the recipient’s reaction seem to be a common enjoyment.

Nolan Armstrong, ‘24, expressed that his favorite part is “Knowing that the gift I gave can make someone’s day.”

Although many people simply give the gift, some friends and families choose to put a spin on it.

Alistair Clodi, ‘26, mentioned that his family has a tradition of playing white elephant during their holiday celebrations.

This variation of gift giving is not utilized by all families, though.

“No, but I wish we did cause I see all of the cool games on tiktok and wish we did them” stated Mrs.McKay.

The gifting process may seem daunting, but by following these helpful tips, the season of giving

may come with a bit more ease.