Mr. Andy Janello Takes on History at MV


Anna James and Kylie Poole

Over the past few years, MV has seen several amazing teachers move on; because of this, other talented faculty have filled the gap. 

One of those teachers is Mr. Andy Janello, one of MV’s newer additions to the Social Studies department. 

 “I enjoy working here. I hope to get my Masters, to move up in the ranks,” said Mr. Janello.

Mr. Janello teaches World History and Law Studies upstairs in C219.

“I really enjoy MV. I like having about six other teachers to bounce ideas off of,” Mr. Janello disclosed in his interview with Vernois News.

Mr. Frank Hartman, head of Social Studies, had all positive things to say about his newest collaborator.

“He is an experienced teacher, who fits in well with the students and staff at MV,” added Mr. Hartman. 

Mr. Janello has collected 16 years of experience between MV and his past schools.

“I moved to MV because I wanted something bigger and better,” said Mr. Janello.

Mr. Janello has said that he loved his first year at MV. Every class he had last year was completely full, and that was an utterly shocking experience for him, he added.

Former students of Mr. Janello reminisced about their time with him throughout the 2021-22 school year.

Bryce Depyatic, ‘24 stated, “Janello makes a connection with his students. I looked forward to his class every day last year!” 

This year’s World History students explain why Mr. Janello’s style of teaching is effective in the classroom.

“He’s really straightforward, and helps you with any of your work,” stated Alexzandria Stevens, ‘25.

Kylee Halbin, ‘25 added, “He’s really fun and keeps his class very interesting with his personality.”

One student talked about how Janello commutes the lessons in a better way, as well as how he limits the distractions in the classroom. 

Mr. Janello has enjoyed his time here so far, and hopes to continue to have an amazing career here at MV. 

“I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, and MV has me hooked,” stated Mr. Janello.