What are MV’s favorite Thanksgiving Foods?

Grab a turkey and call your family, it’s that time of year again.


Elijah Ligon, Staff

Thanksgiving is happening all across America on the 24th of November. What are some food choices people are eating? Maybe you will find something you like.

The traditional thanksgiving holiday includes grabbing some family and holding a feast while telling everyone what you’re thankful for, so I’m here to get an idea on any food choices people are choosing.

First off, my Thanksgiving goes as follows. 

A small portion of my family all goes to my grandma’s house where we all eat things such as turkey, deviled eggs, macaroni, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

It may seem like a very basic Thanksgiving with nothing standing out, but it’s fun for my family. 

Sawyer Overstreet ’25, said he eats normal things like turkey and pie, but they also added that they eat something a bit different which is fried potato balls. 

He says, “It’s a bit extra but they’re pretty tasty.”

Now I’ve never had fried mash potato balls, but this one at least in terms of looks is really nice.

It’s nothing like what I thought it would look like and has many variations to enhance the flavor.

So maybe give that a try, but if you’re still looking for something different, Samiah Dabney ‘25, says she eats pumpkin risotto and bacon wrapped turkey during her Thanksgiving which they say is, “pretty good.”

For these foods I think the pumpkin risotto looks nice, but I think I would prefer a regular turkey, so why not try two different turkeys for thanksgiving if you have the money.

The common foods that it seems most people are eating are turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and some kind of pie, but some unique foods I’ve heard today that you could try yourself are fried mashed potato balls (my favorite for looks), pumpkin risotto, and bacon-wrapped turkey. 

All of these look very good, so for the upcoming holiday why not try something new with your family whether it be a new tradition or different food choices, just remember don’t talk about politics, and be thankful.