Serene Essence of the inviting Ocean


Madeline Fiedler, Managing Editor

Gazing upon the choppy waves of the ocean hitting the shoreline with mist rising where the impact was made, one might feel a sense of tranquility encompassing their mind. One could also feel overwhelmed by the limitless nature of the vast horizon. The sea is its own master. However, the hypnotic scenery of the briny waters is nothing from which to isolate yourself.

Watching as the moon casts an ethereal glow over the dark depths, illuminating the frothy seafoam that seems to always be present. The ocean sparkles as bright as the midnight skies, captivating any curious enough to observe its secrets.

As one gently lowers their feet into the crystalline waters, enjoying it as it slowly encompasses their body, thoughts of curiosity might fill the mind. Unknown is the ocean. It holds mysteries that humans might never get the answer to. That mystery might start to form into an itch, one which would only be scratched by the deepest, darkest depths of the seas.

Diving deeper into the depths, one might take pleasure in observing the parting of the tide, as a dolphin pushes its way through the ever-so-salty liquid as its calf follows suit, using its mother’s slipstream in order to keep pace. Perhaps the wistful moans of the majestic whale would enchant one’s soul in such a way, no other sound would ever hold the same meaning again. The oh-so soothing motions of a jellyfish, as it delicately stokes the waters around it in a rhythmic pattern. All these organisms come together to create the movements of the ocean, an ocean that is buzzing with life.

Sunken automobiles and other man-made objects make way for new homes for the habitants of the sea. Coral consumes the rough exterior of the metal and turns it into one of the most biologically diverse environments, which are teeming with fish and other occupants of the waters. Sharks, sponges, crustaceans, and many more all claim this once dreadful site as their home. Coral ranging from rose-colored to purple corallite, it protects and feeds an abundance of organisms.

Farther into the brine, one might feel the ocean converse with them, using its vibrations and hums to create a language not known to any man, and one that will never be known to any man. Only inhabitants of the sea can understand the complex rumblings of the greater tongue. 

Forever mysterious, and never conquered, the ocean remains a constant. The harmonious pulsating of life in the ocean will always remain a reminder as to why we humans can never fully understand the complexity of the big blue.