Hi-Tri’s Enchanted Forest wows attendees in Changnon Gym

Hi-Tri’s Enchanted Forest wows attendees in Changnon Gym

Grace Mathews and Alistair Clodi

On Saturday, March 4, Hi-Tri sponsored its annual “Enchanted Forest” themed Sweetheart dance. 

“Enchanted Forest” evolved from discussion and voting during a Hi-Tri meeting in the fall. After we decided on the music and decorations, we tried to think of dress-up day ideas to go along with the theme for sweetheart week,” stated Ms. Lovin, longtime Hi-Tri Co-Sponsor.

“I think the dance went very well. There were a few times when the DJ would start to play a song, and students would cheer and run to the dance floor,” added Ms. Lovin.

The Eight Sweetheart kings and queens crowned were Clover Tinsley and Esaias Jefferson representing the Freshman Class, Addi Tinsley and Blake Brown representing the Sophomore class, Peyton Julius and Payton McMillen representing the Junior class, and Macey Prosise and Rolen Adams representing the Senior class.

“I felt so honored and blessed when I was crowned queen,” said Macey Prosise, ‘23.

The crowned kings and queens shared a special message for their class. 

“Thank you for accepting me at the beginning of the year. I’ve enjoyed this one year more than the last three combined,” stated Rolen Adams, ‘23.

“Thank you for giving me the honor to be senior sweetheart queen. Always remember to stay true to yourself,” added Prosise.

The Cedarhurst Museum’s grounds again served as a backdrop for photos before the dance. 

“Taking photos was probably the most fun part of the day. I loved seeing all my friends in their beautiful dresses,” said Clover Tinsley, ‘26.  

Not only did Hi-Tri plan the dance, but they also put together the spirit week themes and activities the week prior to the dance. 

Monday’s theme was Zoom into the Forest, wear dress clothes on top, and casual on the bottom like you were attending a zoom call; Tuesday’s theme was Flowers for the Forest Day, dress in vivid colors; Wednesday’s theme was Lumberjack Day, wear a flannel shirt; Thursday’s theme was Enchanted Forest Creatures day, dress as fairies, gnomes, unicorns; and Friday’s theme was Sweetheart T-Shirt Day, wear the Sweetheart 2023 T-Shirt.

 “My favorite themed dress-up day was Sweetheart T-Shirt Day. I loved the design on the front of the shirt,” shared Clover Tinsley.

Sweetheart has been a smaller dance in the past, but this year’s dance was bigger than ever.

“Students seemed ready to participate in a social activity; we sold almost 500 tickets,” added Ms. Lovin. 

Most of Sweetheart’s royalty won their crowns unexpectedly.

“I was really surprised to win junior-class queen. It kind of made me nervous, but I was also excited to have the opportunity,” said Peyton Julius, ‘24.
“I didn’t know who would win. It was an even competition, but I didn’t expect to win,” mentioned Addi Tinsley, ‘25.

Many Hi-Tri members expressed that they were pleased with how Sweetheart eventuated.

“Every year, for the past four years I have attended MV, I have always been impressed by the quality of sweetheart dances, and I hope Sweetheart keeps this kind of quality I am proud of for many years to come,” stated Hi-Tri President, Morgan Moschino, ‘23.