Cats vs Dogs? Fiedler examines an age-old debate


Madeline Fiedler, Managing Editor

Many are familiar with the “Cats vs Dogs” debate, in which people argue about which animal is better than the other. During this argument, there is a repeating pattern that is said when talking about why dogs would be better. Some dog lovers usually say something along the lines of, “Well, dogs are more affectionate during the first meeting them,” implying that cats take a longer time to warm up to other people, which is true in some cases. However, the problem I have with this statement is that it shows humans don’t like respecting boundaries clearly put in place.

Many dog lovers like dogs due to the fact that they basically trust people immediately, unlike cats who take a longer time to warm up to others. The problem with this, is that it shows people don’t like that cats have boundaries when it comes to meeting new people; they prefer they immediately take a liking to them, like most dogs.

However, in humans, it’s known that we don’t trust people immediately either, however this principle is thrown out the door when it comes to animals. People think animals will automatically love them, and if they don’t, then they hold a grudge towards the species. Most people who hate cats or other animals don’t have respect for their boundaries. Also, humans don’t like that cats make their boundaries clear in ways like hissing or swatting, thinking they’re being mean. When in reality, the human disrespected their boundaries and they want them to stop. Respect has to be mutual in a relationship with a cat, just like humans do for other humans.

Also during my research, I found another argument that is made when talking about why some men might hate cats, which goes along the lines of what I stated before. Some people expect a woman to be like a dog, in a sense. Expecting one to let them touch or talk to you whenever they want to, or to follow them wherever without any thought or hesitation. So, whenever people tell them no, and decide to not follow them blindly, they get mad at you, because they expect you to be a “dog”. The other side to this argument is what people are like when they do like cats. They will understand that sometimes one doesn’t want to be touched or talked to at that moment, they know that that is your own person, and that you’ll go wherever you want to go, and they’ll respect your wishes at all times. Knowing that if they’re not respectful, you don’t have to be respectful back. They understand the boundaries set in place.

Of course, this may not be the reason some do or don’t like cats, but it’s certainly something to think about, and notice when it comes to those who dislike cats. Always take into consideration if your partner expects you to be a “Cat” or “Dog”.