Rams Basketball Prep for Upcoming Season

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Rams Basketball Prep for Upcoming Season

Althea Stachyra, Managing Editor

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The 2018 Rams basketball season is approaching.

Team members are busy training in preparation for the new season.

“We’ve been preparing by playing a ton and just hitting the weight room super

hard for everyone to get stronger so it’ll make us more physical out on the court,” said

Weston Brockhouse, ‘19.

Practices have been intense for the players as their first game approaches.

“Practices are tough,” said Amir Spann, ‘20, “High energy, high intensity.”

“A typical practice at MV is usually very well planned out and organized. Coach

Doug Creel does a great job of leading us and pushing us to go hard and give it all we

got,” said Simon Wilson, ‘20.

The Rams are excited to play alongside their teammates this upcoming year.

“We’ve been playing very well together in practice and I’m looking forward to

seeing that transition into the game,” said Brockhouse.

“We have the best fans and supporters as well,” said Wilson, “I’m proud to be a


The Rams’ first home game will be held in Changnon Gym on December 7.

The Rams will be playing Carbondale.