AV Program Transitions from Class to Club

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AV Program Transitions from Class to Club

Jon Wilson, Staff Writer

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Students faced a monumental challenge involved in MV’s AV program upon their return to school in August. 

    With the departure of Mrs. Heather Borowiak the class was left without a teacher, and consequently was unable to be offered as an elective this year.  

    This didn’t stop Connor McDannel, ‘19 from advancing the program and allowing others that were interested in filmmaking and broadcasting to have the opportunity to participate in projects.

     When faced with the issue, McDannel took it upon himself to found the AV Club, and secure advisors: Mrs. Marcy Edwards, and Mr. Matt Gholson.

    The club is currently working on directing a short horror film for the Richland County filmfest starring a animated creature called Manik.

    McDannel reflected on why AV Club is so important for him.

    “I joined the class because I loved the idea of making videos for people and possibly making a large scale movie.” he stated.

    Hayden Akin, ‘19, discussed his experience being involved in the club.

    “My favorite part about the club so far is the atmosphere. Everyone in it is very easy to work with and make friends with.” Akin said.

    Akin encouraged anyone interested in the club to attend one of their bi-weekly meetings and find out more about joining.

    “Although it is new, it is a lot of fun and I think if you are even a little bit interested in joining, you should. We have meetings almost every Monday and Wednesday directly after school in C114,” Akin said.