FBLA Experiences the Windy City

Kaylee Lemons , Sports Editor

Members of MV’s Future Business Leaders of America recently explored the windy city of Chicago as they attended the FBLA National Leadership Conference on November 2 and 3.

FBLA attends the convention each year to gain and develop their leadership skills through a variety of workshops, then come back to MV to share and apply what they’ve learned.

“Students learn tips from keynote speakers and workshops [with topics including] networking, preparing for competitions, building confidence, community service ideas, facts about FBLA, important soft skills, and of course leadership skills,” said Ms. Julie Hayes, FBLA Advisor.

Attendees of the convention learned a large variety of things throughout the trip, and from big pictures to little details each have found lessons they deem very valuable.

“The most valuable thing that I learned was success isn’t built overnight. Success requires  years of suffering but if you really have a passion for it and work hard it is very possible and attainable. Anything is possible if you’re willing to work hard enough,” stated Quan Nguyen, ‘20.

“[I learned to] understand the value of networking. When you’re in a place where you can meet so many different people you in turn get many different ideas. It was like a creative boost to be around all those people who shared their ideas and wanted to do something in life with them,” said Tyler Tate, ‘20.

“In the exit sign there is a house between the “E” and the “X”, we always see the sign yet never notice that detail. Inside of us, we always see the same thing day in and day out, it’s time to find the details that make us special and unique,” said Minh Nguyen,’19. “Good leaders bring that out of us and as good leaders ourselves we need to bring it out of other people. Everyone has a special skill, talent, or passion, and it needs to be brought to the surface.” said Nguyen.

Students participated in various other activities throughout the trip including sightseeing.

“One of the activities that we got to do, which was my favorite, was being able to explore parts of Chicago. Being from Mount Vernon we don’t have the big city persona. So just being there and seeing the city working and living for a couple days was awesome,” said Tate.

“There were many activities that were great. Being able to look how a different way of living is an amazing experience. Going from a small town to one of the biggest cities in America was a memory that would [never be forgotten]. Enjoying it with friends you love of course will make it ten times more fun,” said Quan Nguyen.

“My favorite part [of the trip was] sightseeing. The conference is held in a different city every year,” said Ms. Hayes.

“I also enjoy watching the students bond with each other and strengthen friendships and be excited about going back to MVTHS and put their new skills to work,” Ms. Hayes added.

FBLA has returned to MV and is excited to use their new skills in their hometown and help build a better world one ram at a time.