Rams Basketball Season Begins

Kaylee Lemons , Sports Editor


Basketball season has arrived at MV and players are excited to get back on the Changnon court while Ram fans are excited to revisit the Khaos Kage.

The Rams each have aspects of the season that they are excited for.

“I am most excited to see how far our team can push ourselves and to see how good we can really be by the time the end of the season comes,” said starting guard Jackson Creel, ‘20.

“I’m really excited to see how we match up against other teams and our competition. We only lost 2 seniors last year and we have a lot of returning players, I think we’ll be able to beat a lot of the team’s we play,” said Quani Rudd, ‘21.

The Rams have set both team and individual goals that they hope to achieve as the season progresses.

“As far as team goals go we feel that we have the potential to win the conference and regionals this year. We haven’t won the conference since 1999 which would make this twenty years, and we want to snap the streak and put up a 2019,” said Carson Prost, ‘21.

“As far as personal goals go, I just want to play hard and to the best of my abilities and help the team in any way that I can,” added Prost.

The team has common goals and aspirations, but have personal aspects about the sport of basketball they enjoy and what the season brings to MV.

“I think it’s amazing how in a game it’s five players working against another five players to see who is more skilled overall, but what really makes it interesting is they’re not only players but friends. It’s like you and a group of friends all working towards one common goal,” stated Rudd.

“[My favorite thing about basketball at MV is the] home crowds. I love the atmosphere of our home games,” said starting guard Amir Spann, ‘20.

“[My favorite thing about basketball is] the pace of the game. The energy and excitement it brings is unmatched. [Also] getting to play with some of my closest friends,” said Prost.

“My favorite part about basketball season is just the joy it brings to school. I feel like basketball season brings our student section to a lot of the home games and there is always energy,” said Creel.

Basketball season is not only enjoyed by the team but also by Ram fans and supporters.

“My favorite winter sport is most definitely basketball,” said Christian Rhymer, ‘21. “Everybody gets hyped for basketball season because of our themes for the Khaos Kage and the Khaos Kage itself.”

“[I enjoy basketball because] it could be one of the highest intensity sports there is, or it could be something casual to talk over,” said Rory Ogle, ‘21.

Students go to basketball games because they love the sport, have fun attending games, and because they enjoy supporting members of the team.

“I’m most looking forward to going to games with some friends and just having a good time,” said Ogle.

“I like supporting the team because I know most of the people on the team,” Ogle added.