Foundation Board Approves Major Project

Foundation Board Approves Major Project

Jon Wilson, District/Administrative Editor

The MVTHS Foundation Board has announced its major project for the 2018-2019 school year at it’s annual dinner.

    The Foundation plans to fund the completion of a construction workshop in the D111 classroom for the 2019-2020 school year effectively “teaching one Ram at a time to build.”

    With the completion of this workshop space the CTE department plans to launch a four-year Building Trades program.

    Mrs. Kara Andrews, CTE Director, shared her plans for the program.

“We are starting from scratch and will use the funds to create the workshop in the D111 classroom. This will include everything from shelving, work areas, saws, tools, and wood in order to get the program up and running for the coming school year,” Mrs. Andrews stated.

    The program will take two to three years to fully develop but the first two level courses, Industry basics in Construction Drafting and Introduction to Construction will be available next year.

    Andrews explained the demand for jobs that need these fundamental skills and the benefits of this program.

    “Employment of construction jobs are expected to grow by 12 percent between 2016 and 2026. But we are currently not offering any construction trade courses, and that’s something we’ve been missing the last few years. This program will change that,” Mrs. Andrews said.

    The goal for this program is to enable students to develop the skill sets necessary to pursue careers in the construction industry when they graduate high school.  

    “I hope that enough freshmen will sign up for it just so they can get a taste test to see if they are interested in building trades,” said Mrs. Andrews.

    Mrs. Andrews shared that even if someone isn’t interested in building trades, the course will still be beneficial.

    “A basic understanding is good for all students, because one day you’re going to live in a home and something is always going to break or need fixing, and having that knowledge helps,” Mrs. Andrews said.

    Mrs. Andrews expressed her gratitude to the Foundation board in choosing this as their major project.

    “I greatly appreciate the Foundation, because without their sponsorship we wouldn’t be able to make this program happen given the funding we currently have,” Mrs. Andrews stated.

annual dinner.

    Last year’s major project was the purchase of Chromebooks that allowed every student the opportunity to have their own device.