MV students share Valentine’s Day items


Ryan Bendersky, Editor In-Chief

Valentine’s Day is a time for fun, people you love, and lots of candy. MV students share their plans and favorites/least favorites for Valentine’s Day.
Ireland Rushing, ‘23, shared, “{My Valentine’s Day plans are} to hang with my friends/boyfriend”.
Justice Malone, ‘23, added, “[I plan on] going to Texas Roadhouse with my boyfriend and winning our first regional basketball game”.
Many others in MV have similar traditional plans that involve spending time with loved ones, others don’t participate in the stereotypical Valentine’s Day plans.
“[I plan on] watching the MV boys [basketball] senior night”, stated Leigha Moore, ‘23.
Students also shared favorite candy to receive during this time.
Many students picked chocolate products as it is known as one of the most popular options.
Kush Patel, Kaitlyn Blachly, Gabe Luttinen, Makenna Leathers, Jacque Wilson, and many others of Class of ‘23 mentioned their love of chocolate.
MV students also shared their favorite activities for the day of love. Rushing mentioned, “[I] love sunset picnics”.
“Buying all the discount candy after the holiday,” added Leathers.
Along with our favorites, we are bound to have our least favorites.
Many students stated their distaste of PDA (public display of affection) on Valentine’s Day.
Sydney LaLumondier, ‘23, shared, “[My least favorite thing on Valentine’s day is] not getting flowers.
Despite the bad, we can all agree that Valentine’s day is a great excuse to spend time with the people you love and eat your favorite candy.