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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

                                                        Teacher Superlative Winners 2024

Most Likely to Arrive at School First- Amber Tieffel

Most Likely to Create World Peace- Jeff Ressler

Most Likely to Become President-Trace Turner

Most Inspiring-Jennifer Little

Best Advice Giver-Julie Littlefair

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day-John Kabat

Most Likely to Win at Jeopardy-Dave Edwards

Most Likely to Always Be Cold-Christi Julius

Best Dressed-Rachel Melvin

Best Beard-Rowdy Fatheree

Most Enthusiastic-Aimee Evans

Best Smile-Kara Andrews

Most Organized-Taryn Zapp

Most Likely to Make It on the Big Screen-Raquel Bliffen

Most Likely to Be Mistaken for a Student-Katelyn Green

Most Likely to Catch Students Doing Something Inappropriate-Scott Gamber

Most Energetic-Cary Markus

Best Story Teller-Andrew Kopin

Best Taste in Music-David Mateyka

Most School Spirit-Jamey VanZandt

Most Likely to Travel the World-Tammy Martin

Most Memorable-Rolland Mays

Most Supportive-Stacy Hulbert

Friendliest-Holly McKay

Most Likely to be Called Mom/Dad-Richelle Choate

Rock Star of Rigor-Diane Todd

Most Likely to Retire to Disney-Holly Davis

Dynamic Duo-Dana Hall and Sarah Welch

Mr. MVTHS-Michael Koehnke

Mrs. MVTHS-Melanie Andrews

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