FFA: More than just a club

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FFA: More than just a club

Emily Gerke, A&E Editor

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 FFA is a national organization that believes in making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for primer leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education according to ffa.org.

There are 669,989 students apart of FFA nationwide, which is making a huge difference for students that are interested in agriculture. 69,944 of those students attended their 91st annual conference. 272 of those students are the students that attend Mount Vernon Township High School.

FFA is showing students the importance of responsibilities and agriculture in today’s world. FFA is preparing students that are wanting to go into the fields such as science, business, and technology of agriculture.

FFA is trying to help students discover their talents through hands-on experiences which helps members reach their full potential. FFA is not just an organization for students who want to be farmers but for doctors, teachers, scientist, and more.

“I want to be a Veterarian so FFA has really helped me discovered different concepts of different animals,” said Abbie Moore, ‘20.
According their website, “Today, the National FFA Organization remains committed to the individual student,” which by skimming through their website one can tell that that is exactly what they are trying to achieve.

Their website also states, “FFA continues to help the next generation rise up to meet those challenges by helping its members to develop their own unique talents and explore their interests in a broad range of agricultural career pathways. So today, we are still the Future Farmers of America. But, we are the Future Biologists, Future Chemists, Future Veterinarians, Future Engineers and Future Entrepreneurs of America, too.”