Get out of your comfort zone and get involved


By The Editorial Board

As we all settle into our third quarter routine, it is easy to get into a rut, and just go through the motions. It seems we all tend to get into that rut, in a sense, and like it there. Routine is good … for the most part. But – we should not be scared to get out of our comfort zones.

The comfort zone is something with which many in today’s society have an obsession. Many are constantly looking for ways to comfort themselves. Watching movies and TV shows and over eating are examples of this. In this “it’s all about me” society, hardly do we take time to consider doing something that makes us take that step outside our zone where most spend their entire lives.

This concept applies to school, as well. Coach Steve Harrison used to say, “If you aren’t involved, why aren’t you involved?” at each assembly at the old campus. Students have an extremely hard time realizing how blessed they are to belong to a school like MV. At this school, there is a club, organization, or community for everyone. But so many students are stuck in their comfort zones; going through the motions of school – nothing more and nothing less.

In truth, there is a large population of students who hold a negative attitude about MV. Unfortunately, there has always been a “I am a kid and I hate school” mentality. But, we have become somehow comfortable with that. Far too many of us are comfortable with checking in at 8:09 and checking out at 3:09 and saying school is terrible. Because for that person, it most likely is. If one expects nothing, that is what one will get.

So, get involved, MV. Have fun. We are supposed to learn at school, yes. But, the overall experience does not have to be miserable. Come to basketball games, join a club, hang out with people in the quad. We promise this: There is a group of people who will accept you and like you for who you are. For example, Vernois 2019 Yearbook is currently in need of new members. In side that group alone is a wide variety of jobs and people. Jobs for photographers, copy writers, designers, ad salespeople, and many more are waiting … for you. Many other organizations are looking for new members, as well. Who knows … you could end up being the next FBLA state president, Vernois Yearbook Editor-In-Chief, or lead in the next Operetta.

MV is a unique beast. It has so much to offer, but many students that do not wish to take advantage of the blessing.

Step up, MV. Get out of your comfort zone and get involved.