Respect your custodians: Stop trashing MV


By The Editorial Board

Often times, we take many aspects of MV we take for granted. The biggest, perhaps, is our maintenance staff. On Thursday, February 14, Valentines Day, Mrs. Richelle Choate and several students gathered at the center of F101 to make a couple of announcements to the dining students. Essentially, she and several students extended their greatest thanks to those who serve on the maintenance staff. Ms. Kelli Graves, custodian, received a thoughtful thank you and gift. Then, again on Wednesday February 20, Mr. Bryan Johnson (you know, the guy that the entire Kahos Kage shouts, “MVP … MPV!” for each and every home game) was presented with a similar honor.

Sadly, though, despite their best efforts, custodians are doing more than ever due to lack of respect. Some students unfortunately think that the entire school is a trash can, and they can treat it like one. Before the custodians make their rounds, many can find trash including candy wrappers, crumbs, chip bags, cafeteria food, small crushed-up candies, and the list, unfortunately, goes on. The restrooms are often left are subpar. For example, in the men’s restrooms in C Building, urine can be found all over the fixtures and floor because students do not care enough to lift the seats. In the cafeteria, after lunches, trash and food is scattered all over the floor. And, many will recall an unfortunate period of time last year when students were vandalizing the bathrooms. Fixtures were broken, letters and curse words were carved into stalls and other surfaces (what would be sharp enough to carve?) and soap dispensers were knocked off the wall. Are students so angry that they have lost all respect?

It is our job as a school to clean up after ourselves. Yes, the custodians get paid to clean, but they should not be responsible for our deliberate messes and lack of care. Also, if one were to take a moment out of their day to talk to one of the custodians, one would find a smiling face that is always helpful.

MV: Show some respect. Many students rally for more freedom and to be treated like adults. But throwing trash on the ground just because you don’t have any more respect than that is simply sad. The change, despite the administration’s efforts, is not going to come because of more rules. In fact, that might just make it worse. Instead, there must be an attitude change in students’ minds. It has to come from there, because it probably won’t come from anywhere else. Implementing more rules and regulations, banning everything, and cracking down is not what is going to change much of this. It is adopting an attitude of respect and concern for our high school.

Mr. Brian Rightnowar and the rest of the maintenance staff: Although it is not always shown, your work is appreciated and needed. Thank you. You are our unsung heroes.