Pranks lead to cancellation of senior sendoff

Althea Stachyra, Managing Editor

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Annually, on the seniors’ last day, MV says “goodbye” to their graduating students with a senior sendoff, including food and activities to commemorate the end of their high school career.

This event is one of the last times the senior class will be together after four years of high school making memories and growing close to one another.

To many, this is bittersweet saying goodbye to their classmates and teachers following their last official day of high school.

Tuesday, May 7, was the 2019 seniors’ last day of school at MV.

During 3rd hour, around 10:30 a.m., a group of seniors and underclassmen unexpectedly walked out of their classes and gathered in the quad.

Chants were shouted, confetti cannons and silly string in the air, all in a celebration of the seniors’ last day of high school.

However, due to the noncompliance of those several students, the senior sendoff was cancelled and seniors were sent home directly after 5th hour.

MV then announced that it would be on code white for the remainder of the day.

The abrupt cancellation of the senior sendoff caused many senior students to voice their anger and disappointment on various social media platforms.

“We deserve respect, we deserve to be taken seriously, and we deserve to enjoy our last moments of high school,” stated Jon Wilson, ‘19, via Facebook. “What occurred today, per administrative directive, to cancel the senior send off celebration due to minor, non destructive senior pranks of a few seniors and underclassmen is unwarranted, extreme, and inconsiderate.”

“As senior class president, I personally feel that cancelling a memorable event that is a tradition at MVTHS was not the solution. The senior send-off takes large amounts of work and is meaningful,” said Priyanka Kaushal, ‘19, via Facebook. “It is even more hurtful to see the food and tables that were set up for you, be physically picked up and put away.”

Due to this incident, many seniors felt as though they ended their high school career on a bad note.

“This is really sad for us students because today was supposed to be a fun memory,” said Lilly Dycus, ‘19, via Facebook. “It was ruined for all of us.”

Mr. Michael Koehnke, Assistant Principal, declined to comment on the situation.