Class of 2019: Final class to experience old campus


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Building A serves as the centerpiece of the former MV. Built in 1936, it stood through 2018.

Chloe Jackson, Academics Editor

320 S 7th St… just a street host to an old school to few, a faint memory for others, but to some, a place worth remembering.

The class of 2019 had the pleasure of being the last class to be on the old campus, even if for only freshman year.

To be the last class involved in such a milestone to many MVTHS alumni is an important fete.

Now seniors await graduation at the new MVTHS. As they prepare for their last day at the high school they take the time to reflect on the differences of the old and new high school.

“The old gym was amazing and people actually wanted to go hangout in the quad between classes,” Jay Reiss ‘19 stated.

The old gym, Chagnon, holds meaningful memories for a majority of the MV seniors that got to experience basketball games held there.

“I remember the last basketball game at chagnon, (also the blackout game). I went overboard with the costumes and painted my whole entire face and wore a huge wig,” Jason Barciszewski ‘19

Having been only a freshman at the old campus, it can be frustrating to look back and see all the benefits upperclassmen reaped that they never got to.

“It was kind of annoying because freshman didn’t get off campus lunch, but we would just sneak out with seniors,” Reiss recalled.

Some freshman might have had the right people to get off campus with, but majority of them had to stay on campus.

“I was always jealous of having to stay off campus for lunch,” Barciszewski said.

While it was much easier to get away with something at the old campus, being a freshman you didn’t get involved in all the fun.

Having an open campus provided students with more of a “college campus” feel, and opened opportunities to experience more people.

“On Wednesday there would always be a guy preaching on the corner, and once a month two guys would walk around campus handing out little bibles,” Reiss stated. Adding, “Sure it was awkward, but it’s the kind of stuff you remember and laugh about.”

As a freshman at the old campus, sometimes you had to stand alone. But if that meant being included in all the upperclassmen fun, some students were all for it.

“I was the only freshman dressed up, but it was a packed house that night and there was so much noise in that building. It was incredible,” Barcszewski stated.

Seniors of the 2019 graduating class: the last class to have the opportunity of being at both the old high school on 320 S 7th St, and our new 11101 North Wells Bypass high school.

Emotions arise, and as students look back on their high school years they will forever remember being the last class on both old and new campus.

“I’m very honored to have been able to experience the old campus,” Barczewski said.