Welcome back the orange and black


Kaylee Lemons, Managing Editor

Hunt Stadium will welcome back the orange and black as jerseys take the field and fans take the stands for the return of MV’s football season.

The Rams finished 2018 with a triumphant, turnaround season as they terminated their 2 year dry spell with three wins, and plan to build upon that success as they tackle the 2019 season. 

“We feel good breaking that 3 win season. I feel great and we all feel ready coming into 2019,” said Evan Leake, ‘21. 

“The culture and attitude surrounding the team has been great coming into this season and everyone is excited to improve on what we did last year,” said Caden Plummer, ‘22. 

“Going into this season we just want to capitalize on what we did last year and do better,” said Cameron Myers, ‘20. 

The team has set both unified and individual goals to guide them towards victory in the 2019 season. 

“As a team I hope for us to achieve unity and greatness overall. We’ve worked super hard since summer has began and after all the work we put in I expect a big outcome. As an individual, I hope to be a big weapon for our team, especially on the run game,” said Gabe Taylor, ‘21. 

“Our goal for this year overall is to make it to the playoffs hands down. One of my main personal goals to show opposing teams that Mt. Vernon still has smash mouth football in them,” Taylor added. 

“As a team I would like to see us continue to come together as a family, and take that family to the playoffs,” expressed Weston Riding, ‘21. 

“The team has set a lot of goals [such as] working as a team, having good leadership, and just playing as hard as we can and sticking to what we’ve been practicing,” said Myers. 

“As a football team our goal is to be physical, play smart, and make the playoffs. [Also], to stick together as a team no matter the situation and give our fans what they want, and that’s winning football,” said Darrel Sanders, ‘21. 

The Rams possess various strengths that they believe will contribute to the accomplishment of their goals throughout the season. 

“I think our biggest strength is the attitude and culture that is surrounding the team. Everyone is ready to play and make this year a great one,” said Plummer. 

“Our team has a lot of strengths. We have a team that is dedicated to winning and working as hard as possible when it’s needed. Our coaching staff is incredible and they help us work as a team, it’s almost like a family,” said Myers. 

“Overall the biggest strength we have is the brotherhood we’ve made. There is nothing like knowing everyone next to you is doing their job,” said Riding. 

“I believe our main strength will be offense and as well our IQ for the game,” stated Taylor. 

“I think our biggest strength is our relationship we have together, we are one big family,” said Austin Koenig, ‘21. 

Along with strengths, there are also team weaknesses that the Rams intend to improve upon as the season progresses. 

“We plan on working on our endurance because we lack numbers. So we have to physically be ready to play a lot and if need be both sides of the ball,” stated Taylor. 

“The weaknesses we will improve on is just having confidence in our skill. Our team is filled with hard working athletes and sometimes we get discouraged. We just need to make sure we know what we are capable of,” expressed Myers. 

“We want to just improve every week and prepare for each team. Other than that there are very few little wrinkles that are getting ironed out right now so we can start the season full speed,” said Plummer. 

The players are exuberant about the debut of the 2019 season and each have different aspects of the season they enjoy. 

“The game [is] definitely [my favorite aspect]. I love the game and my team. Nothing feels better than playing under the Friday night lights with your brothers and the town having your back,”  expressed Taylor.

“My favorite aspect is everything about football. You know just being able to go out and play with my friends. We are all a family out here,” said Leake. 

“The best part is the excitement and energy to just get to play football again. Everyone is ready to get into the first game and start the season off right,” said Plummer. 

“My favorite aspect of the start of football season is getting to perform under the bright lights in front of our amazing fans,” expressed Sanders. 

“My favorite aspect is just having the feeling of being a part of something big. Our team right now is the best it’s been for a long time and I think we are going to crush this season with wins,” said Myers. 

The football team is excited for Ram Nation to join them this season and appreciates the support of their fans.

“This year is going to be a really good one. One of the biggest keys to winning this year is going to be fan support. We need everyone to come out to the games and bring a lot of energy. As a player there is nothing better than hearing your fans going crazy and knowing that they are there to support you and cheer you on,” said Plummer.  

“I’m thankful for your guys support, the fans coming out every night, and the coaches taking the time and being here playing football,” said Leake. “You can’t beat Friday Night Lights!”

Ram Nation’s Friday night lights will kick off at Hunt Stadium on Meet the Team night  Friday, August 23, at 6:30 pm.