MV ‘has it all’ with new theme song


Kaylee Lemons, Managing Editor

When students gathered at the 2019 back to school assembly, the song “Have It All” by Jason Mraz played through the gym speakers as Student Council introduced the tune as MV’s 2019-2020 school theme song.  

Student Council sees the various things a theme song does for our school, and were dedicated to choosing one perfect for MV. 

“A theme song for our high school does several things. It is a song that represents MV’s hopes for you as a member of the student body or the faculty and staff. It is a song that we will return to often as a reminder of this unique year. It is a song that we can build our efforts around as all of us ‘Build A Better World One Ram at a Time’,” said Mrs. Sarah Watts, Student Council Advisor.

The Executive Board went through a long process in order to select the theme for MV.

“The executive board worked very hard to choose a song. We first posted on social media to get ideas from other students. Then, we had to listen to each of the ideas that we came up with and other students ideas. After that, we talked to our advisors about the songs that we liked,” said Paige Julius, ‘21.

“Several of the submissions were denied due to ‘bad messages’ and we couldn’t use those songs, so that was a difficult process,” Julius added. 

“Executive board had a tough time choosing a song. No matter what, students and teachers will get tired of the song at some point. We did not want the message of the song to be something that our school wouldn’t want to represent. We looked at songs everyone knows, oldies, and some in between and made a decision with ‘Have It All’,” said Lindsey Lehman, ‘21. 

“Going into the process of choosing, Student Council’s main priority was the message behind the song. We sent in many ideas to our advisors, Mrs. Watts and Dr. VanZandt,” said Emma Bendersky, ‘20.

Other options Student Council considered included “We Are Young” by Fun, “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, and “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. Ultimately, they chose “Have It All” due to its message.  

“Our Council chose “Have It All” because it conveys a mood that a school song should represent. With no vulgar language or negative remarks, the song bring happiness and a message that teachers and students want to hear,” said Lehman. 

“After a lot of discussion, we chose “Have it All” since it has a great message and is uplifting!” said Julius.  

“After listening to the lyrics of “Have It All,” Student Council knew that would be a great theme song. It sends a beautiful message to high school students while still being an upbeat and catchy song,” said Bendersky.

“This year’s theme song may not be as well known as the past years, but I do believe this song is perfect for our school with the message it leaves behind,” Bendersky added.

Student Council hopes all of MV will discover the meaning behind the theme song and keep that message in mind throughout the 2019-2020 school year. 

“From successes you will have in the classroom to achievements you will earn on the field and the court, and hundreds of opportunities that exist with our stellar choices of organizations and clubs, to the friendships and relationships you will develop along the way, for 2019-2020, Student Council truly wishes all MVTHS students and staff to ‘have it all,’ so we chose ‘Have It All’ by Jason Mraz as our new theme song,” said Mrs. Watts.