MV students enjoy “way back” homecoming


Kaylee Lemons, Managing Editor

After MV “danced through the memories” in Changnon gymnasium at homecoming, students departed the event holding onto those memories from an exciting dance and spirit week. 

There were various different aspects throughout the week which students enjoyed, such as spirit days. 

“My favorite spirit day was Ram Pride! Being on Executive Board, I love seeing students so involved with school spirit. So much orange and black was worn,” said Lindsey Lehman, ‘21.

“My favorite spirit day is Ram pride day because we just get to go crazy in ram gear I love it and everyone’s outfits look so different,” exclaimed Allyson Jones, ‘20.

“My favorite spirit day was grade school wear because I was able to wear my St. Mary’s school uniform one last time,” said Olivia Heinzman, ‘20.

“[My favorite spirit day was] the day wear we all wore our old grade school colors. [I enjoyed] seeing kids interact with old friends from junior high when wearing their old school colors,” said Levi Wilson, ‘20. 

Along with spirit days, students also attended several school and night activities throughout the week including glow bowling, a bonfire, football game, and more. 

“The homecoming bonfire was the most fun night activity. Our school becomes one large group of friends at events like the bonfire, with the band, cheerleaders, football players, and so many students,” expressed Lehman. 

“The bonfire was so much fun! I love getting to hang out with all my friends and getting to cheer at it as well,” said Jones.

“My favorite part of homecoming week was the assembly. Homecoming assemblies are like no other,” said Lehman. 

To wrap up the week of festivities, students attended the homecoming dance, themed “Dancing Through the Memories”. 

My favorite aspect of the dance was seeing everyone dressed so pretty,” exclaimed Heinzman. 

“My favorite part [of the dance] was for sure coronation. I loved being a part of court!” said Jones.

“My favorite part of homecoming was getting to dance with my friends,” said Carlie Barban, ‘21. 

“My favorite aspect of the homecoming dance was the decorations of old MVTHS photos and the fun everyone had,” said Lehman. 

MV’s CXV brought something for everyone and will go down in the homecoming history books. 

“This was definitely my favorite homecoming week compared to all other homecomings,” stated Jones.

“I would say this was the best homecoming I have gone to compared to the other homecomings because the spirit days were a lot of fun and the dance decorations looked so amazing,” said Heinzman.

“This is definitely one of the best homecoming weeks I’ve ever had. This is the first time I’ve dress up every spirit day,” said Barban. 

“I am proud of anyone who participated in spirit days, assembly spirit, and overall Ram pride,” said Lehman. “Our school has so much potential, and it is our job as a student body to bring the potential to life.”