MV Lady Rams Continue to Dominate


Jacque Wilson, Staff

The MV Lady Rams Basketball team has experienced a lot, and current teammates offer insight on the season so far.

“This year I think we have all become better players, better people, and made some really good friendships,” stated Zana Das, ‘22

This season, the Lady Rams have a goal to put 2020 on the South Seven conference banner.  

“A really big goal for us is to win the South Seven, we’ve been working hard, and I hope it pays off in the end,” said Claire Heinzman, ‘22.

The Lady Rams so far have a record of 12-12.

“This season, we have already won so many more than last season, so even if we don’t win the conference, we should be proud of ourselves,” stated Das.

` A common theme was made throughout players: potential.  The team is made up of mostly sophomores, so this team has a lot of it. 

“We have so much more potential to be better, but we’re still young and we have time to grow,” said Heinzman, and Das gave a similar answer stating, “Were doing better than last season, but so much more potential is there.”

With the season coming to an end, players reflect on highlights of the season.

“I think that this season’s highlight was placing 3rd at the Nashville Tournament,” said Heinzman.

And in her final regards to the season, Heinzman simply stated that she “hopes we continue to improve and grow on and off the court.”