There’s always tomorrow – don’t give up


The Editorial Board

We all have bad days. The days where it’s raining outside, you’re late to school, and are lacking sleep because of a late night cram session for a big test the next day. 

Maybe life in general is stressful or one particular situation has you down in the dumps. 

Whatever the case may be, it happens to all of us. We get angry, sad, or stressed and we can’t wait for the day to be over. It is okay to feel the way that you feel.

The problem, however, lies within how we handle these emotions. 

People handle their negative emotions in a multitude of ways. The most common, and the most problematic, is taking those emotions out on other people. 

Habits such as thinking before speaking, deep breathing, or simply just not saying anything can avoid being hurtful to someone else.

Then, realize that the person is not the cause of your bad day therefore they do not deserve to be treated as such. 

Ultimately, everyone is in charge of their own words, actions, and emotions and being aware of them will help in coping with a bad day. 

Next, change your mindset. 

Yes, the day may have started out rough and things may not be going the way you wish them to. But moving forward and not allowing those occurrences to bring you down will assist in turning your day around.

 It is never too late to make a bad day into a good one, whether you must treat yourself to something you enjoy or discover the positive or the humor in your situation. 

Stop taking life so seriously, and remember that a bad day is not a bad life.