MV welcomes new Superintendent, Mrs. Melanie Andrews


Kaylee Lemons, Co Editor-In-Chief

Following the retirement of former Superintendent, Mr. Jeff Fritchtnitch, MV is welcoming their new Superintendent, Mrs. Melanie Andrews.

Mrs. Andrews is no stranger to MV and has spent the majority of her life as a part of the school.

“I am a graduate of MVTHS and spent the first ten years of my career here.  I started coming to Rams basketball games with my dad before I was in grade school.  My love for this school has spanned over 40 years,” said Mrs. Andrews. 

Andrews attended MVTHS as well as other local colleges to further her education.

“After graduating from MVTHS, I attended Rend Lake College and SIUC.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in English Education,” stated Mrs. Andrews.

The superintendent has held a variety of occupations and positions in her field that have led her here to MV today.

“I didn’t teach right away.  I worked at Fifth Third Bank and enjoyed my managerial position.  However, in 2000, MVTHS posted an opening for a high school English position. I applied and was hired.  I taught sophomore and senior English and speech and also co-advised Speech and Acting and Student Council.  In 2005, I was hired to be the Student Services Director – a position I held five years.  I left MVTHS in 2010 to be an elementary principal in Johnston City.  When Ron Daniels was elected Regional Superintendent of Schools, I joined his staff as the Assistant Regional Superintendent in 2011.  I served in that role for nine years before coming to MVTHS,” explained Mrs. Andrews.

Mrs. Andrews has created several plans and goals to work towards during her first year as MV’s superintendent.

“[My hopes and goals for the school year] have somewhat changed due to COVID.  Currently, my major goal is to keep students and staff safe as we reopen the buildings while still offering quality educational opportunities.  The return to school team has worked hard this summer to make this happen,” stated Mrs. Andrews.

“I am also the Greater Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce president.  I want to build on the business community connections MVTHS already has in place and strengthen those.  I also want to continue to build upon the great sense of pride and community that MVTHS students, staff, parents, etc. have with this great school,” Mrs. Andrews added.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her first year at MV is going to be vastly different than originally thought.

“COVID was definitely not on my radar when I was hired in December.  I think any superintendent, whether first year or not, has entered into this school year with a completely unique set of challenges.  It has taken work by many, many people in this school to get a plan in place.  I am not going to lie – I am stressed over this, but I know the great staff at MVTHS will pull together and make this a great year,” expressed Mrs. Andrews.

Despite the unforeseen changes and challenges, Mrs. Andrews is excited for her first year as MV’s superintendent and emphasizes her enthusiasm for connecting with students.

“I am really looking forward to working with students again.  At the ROE, I had the tremendous pleasure to work with a variety of educators, but I missed working with kids,” shared Mrs. Andrews.

“I don’t want anyone to be afraid to come to the superintendent’s office.  I know that sometimes it’s an intimidating place, and I don’t want it to be that way.  I think all educators should be open and willing to talk to the people they serve,” Mrs. Andrews added.

As MV enters a new and unique school year, they will also have a new and unique superintendent to guide them through all of the challenges that come their way.

Mrs. Andrews said, “This year may not be the year that we all want it to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad year.  Instead, we need to look outside of the box for ways to make this unique year the best it possibly can be.”