Student Council to host Fall Spirit Week


Kaylee Lemons, Co Editor-In-Chief

The fall season has arrived in Southern Illinois without many of its typical events. Due to the lack of activities due to changes resulting from COVID-19, MV’s Student Council will be hosting a Fall Spirit Week October 26-30.

“Since we aren’t able to have a homecoming dance or homecoming spirit week, we decided that a Fall Spirit Week would be the perfect way to bring a little extra joy to the fall season here at MV, and hopefully provide something that the whole school can participate in safely! Since everything is new and different this year, it helps to be positive and try to make it the best we possibly can,” stated Thea Corriveau, ‘21.

“We decided to host a Spirit Week this fall because we thought the school needed some excitement in this time. We wanted something that would make the student body just as excited as homecoming did,” said Ava Barker, ‘22. 

Two spirit day themes will take place throughout the school week. Monday, October 26, and Tuesday, October 27, will be “Fall Flannel Days”, where students are encouraged to dress up in their favorite flannel. On Wednesday, October 28, and Thursday, October 29, students will be encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes to school. 

In addition to the spirit day themes, other festive aspects will be seen throughout campus. 

“We plan to play music in the hallways [over the PA], and class decorations will be done,” stated Paige Julius, ‘21.

To conclude Fall Spirit Week, Student Council has announced a school-wide event for October 30. 

In the Changnon gym parking lot from 5-7 pm, there will be food, music, and activities, such as pumpkin painting, raffle baskets, 9 Square, and a bags tournament. Then at 7:30 pm, Student Council will show a drive-in Halloween movie. 

Student Council members hope that Fall Spirit Week will excite and bring together the student body during the unusual circumstances of the 2020-21 school year. 

“Hopefully these festivities will serve as a way to energize the student body and staff members and provide them with an opportunity to be together and have fun while also following the guidelines to protect us against COVID-19. Things are so different for everybody this year so hopefully a school-wide activity like this one will help this season feel a little bit more normal,” Corriveau stated. 

“We hope that it will bring students together since we have all been separated all year with the A/B schedule. We hope it can be a fun night for friends to get together,” expressed Julius. 

“I am hoping that this will be a great, safe way to get the school back together and feeling like a community again,” stated Barker.