Renteria shares conservative philosophy


Everardo Renteria, Staff

During the entirety of my childhood and young adulthood, I have had no clue over politics, or even which side did I align to. Democrats or Republicans? Maybe a third-party?

Those questions were answered three years ago when I experienced a sudden realization of learning about politics that allowed me to understand where I stood in the realm of the political world. I had the biggest epiphany when I realized I was a Republican. I had no idea that all my life my values lined up almost perfectly with that of a middle-of-the-road conservative.

The reason I align with this ideology is simple, I was raised in a very religious household that helped shape my worldview to fit that of a modern day conservative. Finding this out about myself has been really eye opening for me since it gives me a larger sense of self identity which is something important for everyone. The more you know about yourself the more you are able to have a sense of meaning. The meaning this has given me is priceless as it opens the door to explore more avenues of enlightenment.

This drove me to research even more than I did initially, then I found out something to be quite odd in the center of my research. According to Real Clear Politics, it turns out over 70 percent of Hispanics vote Democrat even though they have the polar opposite views in all aspects.

When doing this research I was baffled considering the fact that I had thought my views were consistent with that of a Democrat, even when I was a little boy in first grade, I was raised thinking the Democrats were the best and most viable options out of all parties. I felt as if I has a mental renaissance which also was a feeling that was bittersweet. I knew the truth yet spent much of my early life believing things that were not the truth.

This factoid alone drove me to insanity since I could not put two and two together.

“Why would Hispanics vote for someone who does not share their views?”

This is the conundrum that seeped into my cranium and really made me rethink all of what I known to be true about politics and I wanted this reawakening for others like myself. I then realized I had been lied to by those who I idolized as leaders and reformers, such as Barrack Obama and Bernie Sanders.

This was a new experience that has molded me into the individual I am today. I recommend everyone to do their own objective thinking on polarizing issues such as the economy or personal liberties, and they might be surprised by what they end up discovering about themselves.