Spring into action


Jason Ren, Staff Writer

Winter has passed and spring has finally arrived. Birds are chirping and the sun’s shining. The MV community is excited for the start of the new quarter and is looking forward to new events that are happening this season.

Spring Break occurred March 29 to April 5, and students shared their plans for what they did on their break.

 “I plan on going on a road trip with two friends this spring break,” said Nathan Launay, 21’. Meanwhile, Ethan Ditzel, 21’ plans on continuing what he is doing now and stated, “work and homework.”

Sports seasons are underway, although students seem to not be interested a great deal in sports. Ditzel, Conner Mays, 21’, Gavin Banes, 21’ have said “nope” while Launay plainly stated, “I don’t watch a lot of sports.”

It has been a year since COIVD-19, and the vaccine has arrived but social distancing and wearing masks still isn’t over. People are wondering when will this be over? Will it be over this season?

At MV, Vernois News asked that exact question to the students. Ditzel responded, “Nope, unless the masks are gone.” Mays agreed with Ditzel and said, “I really don’t see COVID ending anytime soon.” 

Meanwhile, Launay thinks that all of this is overexaggerated. “ Well I didn’t think it would go away but I did think people would stop freaking out about what is basically the flu,” said Launay.

Graduation is coming close for Seniors and with the pandemic, they were recently given a survey on what kind of graduation do they want. The majority of the seniors preferred to be outside. 

“I would like it to be outdoors, I think It’s a good reason to do so, and it’s a waste if we don’t try,” said Mays. Ditzel agreed and said, “Any would be nice but I’d like it to be outside.” While Launay disagrees and stated, “I would like an indoors graduation, it would be nice to have something normal.”

Easter is coming close and with the pandemic still going on, many of these plans going on with the holiday will have to be suspended. Although some students may have not been affected by it and continue with their plans on what they are going to do.

For Lanuay, he is not affected by the pandemic. “Yeah, Easter we always celebrate at church. It’s a pretty awesome day,” said Lanuay. Mays, on the other hand, said. “Normally, I might be because of family, but I don’t really have many plans this year.” Ditzel remained vague on what he is planning and just stated, “probably family things.”

Spring: Some may hate it, while others may love it. While at the MV community, many of the students didn’t choose spring as their favorite season. Ditzel and Launay both choose winter as their favorite. “I really like every season! but my favorite has to be winter,” said Launay, while Mays choose fall.

Last year’s prom was canceled due to COIVD-19. Although this year’s prom show some promise of continuing but the question is, how are they going to proceed with the event? Well, the school has planned a “Las Vegas” themed prom meanwhile some parents of MV students are planning a student “ball” on April 24. Many are deciding whether they want to go or not. 

Both Ditzel and Mays decided not to go. “With COVID and certain other rules, I don’t know if I really plan on attending,” stated Mays. Launay on the other hand chooses to go. “I do plan to go to a prom, probably the ball,” stated Launay.

With the coming of a new season, there are also comings of various traditions that people do in spring. For Launay, his tradition is cleaning. “Well we usually do spring cleaning but we’re done a lot of our house this year so I doubt that will happen this year,” stated Launay.

As the school continues on there have been subtle changes to the cafeteria foods that is served every day. Whether it’s good or not.  “I don’t think the quality of food has changed much,” said Mays.

However, Launay has his own ways to voice his opinions. “ Lunch was edible this year. and I can’t blame them for having dedicated lunches. but I love freedom and choice is a beautiful thing,” stated Launay. 

The time of stay home during the cold winter is over now is the time to go outside and experience the warm days of spring. With the nicer weather begins of new activities to doing outside and the students are excited to go out.

“Now that the weather is nicer I skateboard in the warmer three seasons. but also I run and do calisthenics,” said Launay. “It’s easier to go on a run or hiking during the warmer weather,” said Mays.