Students and staff share tips and tricks for the upcoming SAT


Everardo Renteria, Staff Writer

Charlie Houle, an upcoming junior at MVTHS, gave insight into what it feels to be under pressure regarding the SATS.

“I feel very nervous about it, all I can do is study and do well on the practice,” he said.

Students feel very anxious regarding the approaching final exam. The nerves behind the SATS are normal as 38% of all teens feel stressed or concerned about their future after high school according to

Certain seniors have some advice to give to underclassmen who feel nervous about the SATS.

Gavin Banes, a senior at MVTHS gave interesting tips and tricks in order to do good on SATS.  “Drink Mountain Dew and make sure to eat Doritos the night before, it helps with my brain power,” he said, “Also being a furry helps out too since I have the power of God and anime on my side.”

Even teachers can give some good tips regarding getting the best score on the SATS. Bill England, one of the oldest teachers here at MVTHS, knows the ins and outs of teen brains,

He stated, “They always get squirrely around this time of year, they just need to do what they should do in school which is study hard and get a good night’s rest beforehand.”

The vast majority of teens before the SATS feel a strong sense of depression or dread when it comes to the night before the SATS, according to 

Teachers, students and staff all know that the pressure is on when it comes to their biggest test in high school but with all the tips and tricks exhibited here, it should help the reader overcome the simple fears and worries when it comes to the SATS.