Resilient Rams looking for first win against Triad in Hunt Stadium


Blaze Baird, Staff

MV headed to Taylorville on Friday, August 28 for the first matchup of the 2021 football season. The Rams vs Tornados matchup ended 13-0 in favor of Taylorville.

Despite the loss, the Rams arguably offered a solid defensive attack.

One member of the Rams, number 40 Maddux Randall, felt like the team played well against Taylorville.

“As a defense player, I feel like we did our job.  We held them to only two scores and that is really good,” stated Randall, ’24.

Looking back on the game, Randall added “I feel like the defense did good. But our problem on offense was they didn’t have time on the field.  [We] couldn’t get the rhythm [we] needed.”

Coach Greg Graves offered his perspective as to how the defense performed.

“They did great,” Coach Graves said.

However, Coach Graves added “We need more offense. They didn’t get the time on the field.”

The Rams headed to Mascoutah for their week two match up. At 0-1, they looked for their first win of the season.

Ram receiver Anthony Lash, ’23, shared that he felt good for Friday’s contest.

“We had a good week of practice and I feel like we can really show what we got,” Lash stated.

His score prediction was 28-21, Rams over Indians.

However, the game didn’t exactly go the way the Rams would have liked for it to go.

The final score was 47-12, Mascoutah.

At the midpoint of week three, the Rams stand at 0-2 for the season. The team looks to notch their first win at home in Ken Hunt Stadium this week against a 1-1 Triad team.