MV students debate the importance of relationships in high school


Cassandra White, Staff

Dating in high school remains a hot topic among high school students and adults who are involved in their lives.

At MV, everywhere one goes, many couples can be seen holding hands or participating in any other forms of PDA.

The reason most high school students enter into a relationship is to have a date to dances, then they end up staying together and making all of their high school memories.

Something that Colin McClure, ‘23 looks forward to includes, “going to school dances with each other, because I have a date that I will have a great experience with.”

Grades are one of the key factors of a student’s life in high school. Without adequate grades, you cannot participate in sports or other activities, so it is important to get work done on time and correctly.

Callie Prost, ‘23, has found that, becuase of being in a relationship, she has become “more confident in the [academic] work that [she] turns in.”

“[My grades] have stayed the same and improved as well, because it allowed me to work with someone and it allowed me to get other perspectives.” said McClure.

For many students, being in a relationship has given them somebody to bounce questions or ideas off of and learn to rely on them to give them honest answers that will help them out in the long run.

Mental health is a largely-known topic when it comes to high school students, and even adults

“Having somebody to talk to, especially one who understands you, is crucial in bettering your mental health.” said Jude Erasmus, ‘23.

Izak Wisneski, ‘24, said, “Sometimes being in a relationship can be stressful, but in comparison to school work, that’s nothing.”

Wisneski also compares high school to a video game, “If high school were a video game, being in a relationship would be a super awesome and fun side-quest.”

On the other side of the spectrum, McClure says that somebody needs to be in at least one relationship in high school “because it allows [you] to connect with someone on another level.”

Prost believes that it could go either way. “[My] relationship has enhanced [my] high school experience more [than] it has not,” Prost added.

She continued, “For other people though it could be the opposite. Some people think high school is about being wild and having all the fun you can with as many people as you can.”

Here is some advice for students who plan on getting in a relationship in high school.

“Having a relationship does not shape your high school experience. Surround yourself with good friends, and be kind,” said Erasmus.

“Be patient and actually communicate your feelings with your partner in an open and safe environment so that you can both be comfortable,” said Wisneski.

McClure said, “Do not give up on each other and make the most of your memories together.”

“Enjoy every second with your significant other even if you don’t stay together there is always a lesson you can learn from them,” Prost added.