New tennis court complex opens on MV campus


Blaze Baird, Staff

For the first time in MV history, the campus includes its own tennis courts, and the teams no longer have to travel to Veteran’s Park to practice or play.

A big advancement for not only the school but also for the players, this year’s team is the first-ever team to play on the courts.

Kadence Chamness, ‘23, expressed that she feels honored among others on the team. She stated the old courts were in bad shape, and that there were cracks all over.

Ali Benson, ‘23, expressed how excited she was when she found out about construction.

“I was really excited, the old courts were in bad shape, and really didn’t feel safe,” Benson added.

Chamness stated “Having the courts here definitely save you on gas and time. I play volleyball and tennis, so I’d have to race back to the school after tennis so I wouldn’t be late but now I have time to spare after practice to take my time to get to volleyball.”

Both members expressed they are really proud of this year’s team and how they have improved this year.

Chamness said “We have grown and gotten better.”

Benson added “We are doing pretty good as a team.”

Players are very thankful for the new tennis courts.

“These courts [represent] an 8-9 month process. This has been a long-term goal for the school,”  said Mrs. Melanie Andrews, Superintendent.

One of Mrs. Andrews’s first projects included finalizing the tennis courts.  Mrs. Andrews stated “We wanted to give our two strong tennis programs a nice safe place to compete.”  Mrs. Andrews added “Safety was a big part… the other courts weren’t very safe with the cracks all over.”

The tennis courts represent a big addition to the school, and they can used for not only tennis, but for PE and other school activities.

Mrs. Andrews added “This isn’t just for our school – this is for our community “