MV staff alumni share Homecoming memories


Callie Prost and Colin McClure

As Homecoming ‘21 concluded on October 2 with the “Out of This World” Dance, let’s reflect back on homecoming in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s.

MV alumni and staff recently shared their personal experiences about the events during their homecoming week.

“I enjoyed the entire week. I had fun at the homecoming hop, the parade, the football game, and the dance, however the most enjoyment I had during homecoming week came from being on court,” said Mr. Pierce Borah, Class of ‘12, and current MV Social Studies teacher.

“I always enjoyed the variety of activities that Student Council sponsored for the student body.  There was always excitement in the air the entire week.  It seemed that school spirit was alive and well,” said Mrs. Melanie Andrews, Class of ‘92, and current MV superintendent.

MV’s Homecoming week traditionally consisted of many different festivities including: the homecoming hop, homecoming parade, football game, and theme days.

The homecoming hop was held in L building, C gym, outdoors, or the practice football field. The hop king later became known as the Homecoming King.

Mrs. Holly McKay, Class of ‘94, and current MV Math teacher said, “Mrs. Prost and I would dress up for twin day every single year.”

“I tried to go to all of the activities and participate as much as possible. It was always such a fun week,” said Mr. Scott Gamber, Class of ‘99, and current MV Social Studies teacher.

Homecoming was also held on the old MV campus in old Changnon Gymnasium. The open campus also added to the excitement of homecoming week.

“The old campus was an open campus; therefore, walking from class to class outside brought about the autumn feeling typically associated with homecoming,” said Mr. Borah.

“I am biased but I loved the old campus with homecoming,” said Mr. Gamber, “I felt like the parade was great and the assemblies were better with everyone being on top of each other in the old gym. I hope one day it will feel like that here,” Mr. Gamber added.

Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the homecoming assembly consisted of introductions of the fall athletic teams, and remarks from the football coaches.

In 2017, the assembly format shifted to the homecoming “Pep Rally,” and it is filled with games, energy and excitement by the students and staff.

Mr. Gamber added, ¨I don’t remember a lot of specifics about the assembly, just that they were lots of fun and had a ton of energy.¨

“We did have Homecoming assemblies in the gym.  I don’t remember class games like we have now.  For some reason, the assembly activity that stands out the most in my mind was a burping contest over the microphone,” Mrs. Andrews said. “My class (1992) had a champion burper in Chad Howard – he won hands down.  I can still see and hear that moment in mind – gross, I know,” Mrs. Andrews added.

Homecoming proposals have become a tradition over the last few years, and students make posters, with clever sayings, to ask their date to the dance.

This tradition was not part of the homecoming tradition in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s, but there have been many traditions that have been passed down.

“Those were not a thing in the nineties … if they were, I did not get one-lol,” said Mrs. McKay.

Mr. Borah said, “There were not any big proposals that really stood out to me. The proposals weren’t as big of a deal as they are today.”

Homecoming week allows students to make countless memories with friends that will stay with them forever.

“Just getting to be with friends and experiencing everything that homecoming week brought,” said Mr. Gamber. “One year we borrowed golf carts from Green Hills and rode in the parade which was a blast.”

“My favorite memory from homecoming was being on homecoming court,” said Mr. Borah.

Mrs. Andrews stated, “I remember walking into the dance my senior year of high school wearing a purple sequined short dress.  There was a fellow student there I liked (not my date) who, when he saw me, said ‘Oh wow, that girl is looking sweet tonight!’  I have no clue why it stands out in my mind, but I remember I felt pretty special that night after hearing that.”

Homecoming week is one of the most anticipated events during the school year, and students love to show their Ram Pride.