Youth and Government delegation continues longtime legacy


Jackson Snodsmith, Staff

One of MV’s most well known organizations, Youth and Government prides itself off of their decades of success. They plan to carry this success into the 2021-22 school year.

Advisor Ms. Jessica Pilson credits a lot of this success to Youth and Government’s first advisor, Mr. Richard Stubblefield.

“[Mr. Stubblefield’s] passion for government and politics pushed students to do their very best in the program,” Ms. Pilson stated.

This success doesn’t just impact the advisor’s reputation, but the member’s as well. Just joining the Youth and Government can help students with many aspects of their lives.

“Youth and Government can help students with writing and speaking skills, making connections with other students across the state, providing a foundation of knowledge to participate in government as an adult,” Ms. Pilson added. 

Social studies teacher Mrs. Cherie Peterson serves as assistant advisor to the program.

Charlie Houle, ’23 said that some of the aspects of Youth and Government has helped him not only as a student but in social skills as well. 

“Youth and Government has greatly improved my ability to collaborate with my peers and allowed me to make new connections. My ability to create a strong argument also improved significantly throughout my time,” Houle stated. 

This year, Youth and Government has some big things booking to return after a Zoom-filled year in 2020-21. 

Houle added “In a non-COVID year, our delegation would go to Springfield and have a full Assembly in the capitol, which was super fun. Last year we were able to participate via Zoom, but it was not the same. This year, we have permission to go to Springfield and it looks like it’ll happen.”

While in Springfield, each legislator has a busy weekend trying to get whatever they need done. 

“[As an upperclassman] I’ll be playing the role as either a senator or representative. A few other people [and I] will draw up a bill and try to get it passed,” Houle stated.

“This year, I’d like to get my bill passed all the way through ‘Congress’ and get it passed into Youth and Government law. That’s a very difficult thing to do, but I am confident in my group. We have a long time and a good work ethic,” Houle added. 

Houle and Pilson both later added that they enjoy and think very highly of the program. 

Ms. Pilson said “It is a great program that can become a life-long activity if they choose to become volunteers when they get older.”

Houle added “ Youth and Government is unbelievably fun. I was skeptical going into it. After going to Springfield once I knew I wanted to do it again. If you have any opinions you want to share, Youth and Government is perfect.”

MV Youth and Government was founded by former longtime social studies teachers Mr. Larry Pearson and Mr. Stubblefield.  Later, veteran social studies teacher Mr. Andy Wells served as Y&G advisor.  Current Assistant Principal Mr. Sean Docherty assisted in the program as well.