Coach Greg Graves, Mrs. Holly McKay join MV ranks

New staff members feel right at home


Cam Meyer, Editor In-Chief

Every year, Mount Vernon Township High School adds many new members to its staff, and among a staff of over 200, it’s not uncommon to add 10 to 20 new teachers every year.

For 2021-22, it is no different, with Mrs. Holly McKay, math, and Mr. Greg Graves, special education paraprofessional, among new staff joining the ranks.

Reactions are mixed on the first year at MV, but remain positive.

“It has been busy, but exhilarating,” stated Mrs. McKay, math.

“It has felt pretty good, and I’ve enjoyed my time here,” expressed Coach Graves, paraprofessional.

When staff joins a new school environment, it could be difficult to adjust to the surroundings.

“It feels like a big family here at Mount Vernon,” stated Coach Graves.

“I love it here,” said Mrs. McKay

Even if a staff member is new to the school, they usually quickly make some great memories.

“[One of my favorite memories has been] the bus rides to games and just seeing my players walk in with polos, and receiving compliments,” said Coach Graves.

“One of my favorite memories has been the interactions with other staff members and students,” expressed Mrs. McKay.

With every good moment, a bad one follows.

“One of my worst memories has to be the game against Triad,” stated Coach Graves.

“Having to feel busy all the time with no end in sight,” stated Mrs. McKay.

Often it could be difficult to adjust from one school to another. What led these teachers to come to Mount Vernon?

“I missed teaching high school students,” said Mrs. McKay

“The superintendent, Melanie Andrews, [and I] had a good conversation, and I really liked her leadership,” stated Coach Graves.

“I am so happy to be back,” expressed Mrs. McKay.

Mr. Graves even looked ahead to future experiences at MV.

“Give us time to rebuild the team. We have to have a consistent structure,” Coach Graves added.