Quarter One ends on semi-normal note

MV students, staff anxious to keep the momentum moving


B Wing

Ali Benson and Jacque Wilson

Quarter One of the 2021-22 school year came to a close on Wednesday, October 13.

Students held varied opinions in terms of the atmosphere surrounding MV’s first quarter.

Emmalee Kroeschen, ‘25, shared “This quarter was very stressful!  As my first quarter at MV, I was met with a lot more homework than I am used to.”

“I think this has been one of the most stressful quarters in my high school experience, and definitely a change of pace from last year,” shared Colin Tisdale, ’23.

On the other hand, Caden Plummer, ‘22, described his first quarter as fun.

Plummer stated, “It is great to have school back to semi-normal compared to last year.  The reintroduction of assemblies and FNL has been really nice.”

There is no denying that COVID-19 has played a huge role in life at MV.

Consumer Sciences Teacher, Mrs. Rebecca Rock shared, “I have been trying to help students keep up with everything and assist them to the best of my ability when they are quarantined.”

For some students COVID has not been all bad.

McKenna Leathers, ‘23, said “COVID, amongst the chaos, was a blessing for me in ways such as how I have gotten closer with people, had time to learn a lot about myself, and I have experienced a lot of change because of COVID.”

Not everyone has such a positive experience, however.

“COVID has put a sense of fear into my mind.  I am scared of getting quarantined or another shutdown,” Tisdale remarked.

Many events in the first quarter left a lasting impression on students as well as staff.

Hansel and Gretel, for sure, was my highlight of the quarter,” stated Ms. Raquel Maxey, Communication Arts, and Drama Director.

Plummer identified the highlight of the quarter as Senior Night.

“Even though this football season did not go how we wanted, Senior Night was a good night for me.  I will always remember it.”

With one quarter down, there are still three to go in this school year and students remain hopeful for the future – whatever it may hold – to come.

Tisdale stated, “I want to continue to make memories, make new friends, and to hopefully make better grades!”