MV students, staff choose favorite Halloween candy

Traditional brands make list


Julika Balzer and Cam Meyer

Everyone who goes trick or treating usually gets a reward of candy, making Halloween one of the sweetest holidays of the year.

MV students have very unique opinions on their favorite candies; MV staff, not so much.

In today’s world we have multiple choices of candy and any kind of sweets. So no wonder that kids’ favorite candies are different from others. We all have different taste buds, so we all might not have the same opinions on candy.

MV students’ favorite candy choices consist of Kit-Kats, Candy Corn, Snickers, and Reese’s.

Junior Hannah Morrison, along with Sophomores Anna James, Jarett Johnson, and Gage Cutler all chose Kit-Kats as their favorite Halloween candy.

“I like the taste more than others,” stated Gage Cutler.

“I like the wafer and chocolate combo,” answered Jarett Johnson.

Anna Morrison added “ I love a candy with a good crunch.”

Candy Corn was chosen as the best Halloween candy by Sophomores, Hannah Lowery, Will Kiefer, and Allana Osborne.

“It’s very good to me,” responded Will Kiefer.

Allana Osborne mentioned “ It is basic.”

MV students’ third favorite Halloween candy overall were chosen by two students per candy and they are Reeses, Snickers and Twix.

Sophomores Maya Owen and Addisyn Bradley chose Reeses.

Snickers were chosen by Junior Ireland Rushing and Sophomore Nolan Armstrong.

“It’s been my favorite since I was younger,” stated Nolan Armstrong.

Sophomores Mason Trusty and Corey Jenkins decided that Twix is their favorite Halloween candy.

“I like how thick and crunchy it is, and it’s not a basic choice,” Mason Trusty responded.

“I love how crunchy it is,” mentioned Cory Jenkins.

Some of the MV students didn’t have as much of a basic choice.

Their choices were unique, like how Sophomore Johnny Pinkston chose Milky Way and Sophomore Lily Bowen chose Starburst.

“They’re tasty,” stated Johnny Pinkston.

“They are the best in my opinion,” added Lily Bowen.

The MV staff’s opinions on candy were not that different from each other.

Two of MV’s staff members chose Reese’s and only two chose a different kind of candy, and that was Snickers and Twix.

The two staff members who chose Reese’s were Ms. Nancy Deaton and Mr. Seth English.

“I love peanut butter and milk chocolate,” stated Ms. Deaton.

“There is so much variety to Reese’s candy, you can get the king size or just the Reese’s Pieces,” added Mr. English.

PE teacher Mr. Zeke Light was the one to choose Twix.

“I just think they taste the best,” expressed Mr. Light.

Finally, the one staff member to choose Snickers was Mr. Sean Docherty.

“I always enjoyed them as a kid,” answered Mr. Docherty.